Malaria claims 19 in Mizoram | Record-breaking Pineapple cultivation

Aizawl, Jul 17 : Nineteen people have died of malaria in Marpara village of western Mizoram in the last one month.

Medical sources today said 15 children, below the age of 16, and three adults had also died of the disease during June and July this year.

A medical team, led by Dr Lalkailiana and SMEMO C Thangchhuana, has been rushed to the area. They said lack of medical facilities and awareness among the people was the main reason behind the epidemic, sources said.

The medical team also distributed anti-malaria medicines, mosquito nets and leaflets for awareness among the villagers, sources said.


Record-breaking Pineapple cultivation

Hmarkhawlien, Jul 17 : In 1916, Welsh Presbyterian evangelist Rev. Watkin Roberts, who led a band of 15 Hmar families from Tripura to settle in the Hmarkhawlien area in Assam’s Cachar district, had taught the people to cultivate pineapples in this hilltop settlement.

In a few days, Hmarkhawlien will create a record of sorts when the farmers begin harvesting over one crore pineapples.

Said to be the most succulent among pineapples in the whole world, the Hmar village’s produce is sold across the country. Ngursunthang, a Hmar tribal leader and former chairman of the Cachar Hill Tribal Welfare Board, said the pineapple farmers are now toying with the idea of “giving a brand name to their produce for better marketing and export to other countries”.

Hmarkhawlien is under Lakhipur subdivision of Cachar district.

The Hmarkhawlien pineapples are reckoned to be the sweetest among all pineapple varieties in India as during the monsoon period their sugar content varies between 16 and 28 per cent.

Lalpansang Hmar, a pineapple orchard-owner in the village situated 30km east of the district headquarters town of Silchar, said the plant of this fruit is quite unique.

Three varieties of pineapple are generally grown in the farms of Hmarkhawlien. These are Queen, Queue and Giant. The Queue variety (locally known as Gaimpew) is grown in abundance.

However, without any proper marketing superstructure, the Hmars fail to command good prices for their produce. They are being constantly fleeced by the middlemen, alleged Ngursunthang.


**Business houses interested in trade with the people of Hmarkhawlien can contact us at where we can provide more information and arrange a meeting with the planters face to face.



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