Naga, Mizo students protest move to scrap BEFR

By : A Staff Reporter

Kohima, July 18: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) or Mizo students union, have jointly resolved to fight against the move to scrap Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR), 1873, which is protecting the influx of outsiders into the tribal states of the north east region.

NSF president Imchatoba Imchen and MZP vice president S Lalrinawma in a joint statement issued late last night, while taking serious note of the recent Public Interest Litigations (PIL) filed against the Government of Mizoram, seeking to scrap the BEFR 1873 resolved to jointly fight it and termed the attempt as “tantamount to non-violent genocide of the ethnic and indigenous people.”

“Without the BEFR, the influx of outsiders, coupled with the entry of foreigners from neighbouring countries, owing to our porous borders, would have reduced the Nagas, the Arunachalise and the Mizos as a minority in our own lands,” the joint statement said.

They also expressed that the people of the north eastern states, where BEFR is not currently extended, need to be protected by the said regulation and therefore urged upon the Union government to extend the same to all the eight states of the north east region.

Further, the two organizations also resolved that the three affected states would observe a protest demonstration on July 21 in the respective capitals by sitting in dharna in front of the Raj Bhawans to mark resentment against the move to scrap the BEFR, 1873. Follow up action would be determined progressively depending upon the situations, they added.

Source: Naga, Mizo students protest move to scrap BEFR


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