First call center in Shillong

By D. Henpilen

Shillong, Jul 19 : Peace and development go hand-in-hand and its best example is Meghalaya. The state boasts of the first call centre or Business Processing Operation (BPO) in the North East.

Operational since 2005, the first BPO in Shillong has grown in size over the years. What started as a small call centre with around hundred employees today houses more than five hundred people.

It has widened its network to other states of the region like Nagaland.

The successful functioning of the BPO has given hope not only to the job seekers but also to entrepreneurs who want turn North East into a business hub. “This kind of company is giving us a very good chance to be employed. We can attain international standards. It also prevents young people take to unlawful activities,” said Joseph Poi, an employee.

Neelam Kandoi, another employee said, “My experience in this company has been very good. What I feel that whoever comes out of this company they come out polished. Wherever they go, they do much better than what they have done here because they learn a lot from this company and their level of knowledge goes high.” .S. Netcom, which started the first BPO in Shillong, is also known as Hero Mindmine Institute. It has diversified into software development, net designing, net working solutions. The institute has diversified into the education sector and collaborates with IT giants, like Wipro and Convergys. “It is a complete North-East representation. You have Manipuris and Nagas from Arunachal, Assam, Mizoram. All communities are represented here,” said Deboprio Deb, CEO, Hero Mindmine, S.S. Netcom Company.Shillong, a home to four universities, 15 colleges and over 100 schools, is chasing the dream of becoming North East information technology and back-office destination.

The Department Of Information Technology has also set up a software technology park, the equivalent of an industrial park for software and BPO service firms that provides high bandwidth connectivity and infrastructure.

No doubt Meghalya is enjoying the peace dividend that states, like Nagaland and Manipur have missed out because of the prevalence of militancy.



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