UNLF dismisses KSO’s claim

The Sangai Express

IMPHAL, Jul 21 : Dubbing the Kuki Students’ Organisation, Chandel as a stooge of the security force, the proscribed UNLF today said that the accusation hurled by the student organisation that three kids died while another were injured when UNLF fired rocket at Phaisenjang is nothing but false propaganda done at the behest of the security forces.

In a statement issued to the press today, the outfit said that the three kids died while they were playing in the field and the bomb which was already planted there exploded on July 19. This version itself has also been given by the chief of Phaisenjang (Yangoulen).

The KSO Chandel has also been donning the mask of a student body one day and the KNA the next day, UNLF claimed.

Phaisenjang is not located very far from Molcham village, said the outfit and added that at present there are 6/7 large posts of security force opened there.

The security force managed to reach up to Molcham with the help of KSO/KNA, it charged and added that the latter the KSO/KNA has been harassing innocent civilians of the village on charge that they are close to the MPA.

Moreover to discredit the UNLF they have been planting bombs there, charged the statement and added that

on May 27 this year one MPA cadre passed away after a bomb planted by them exploded. This was published in the media too.

To drive out the MPA cadres, the security force in cahoots with KSO/KNA have been hatching overt and covert plans to harass the villagers and put the blame on the UNLF, added the statement.

Citing an example, the statement said that when several villagers were displaced due to the heavy bombardments by the security at Khengjoi area, the MPA cadres had provided food and shelter to about 400 villagers.

However this was turned on its head and false propaganda was spread that the UNLF had abducted the villagers, claimed the statement.

Asserting that the KNA is nothing but trouble makers, UNLF said that the erstwhile peaceful Saikul area has now been turned into a battle field after the KNA were taken there by the security forces.

In the stand off between the KNA and KRA a number of Kuki villagers had to flee their homesteads while others were killed, asserted the statement.

The UNLF also urged the community leaders and civil society organisations of the Kuki community to punish those who are donning the mask of student leaders in the KSO, Chandel while in fact they are stooges of the security force.

Source: http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/News_pages/Local_page-07.html


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