ZPA accuses | HNA alleges

IMPHAL, Jul 21 : The Zou People’s Army has accused the UKLF of supping with the security forces and harassing the Zou people. In a statement today, the outfit said that after the UKLF decimated six Zou villages and two Baite villages, the Zou people continued to be targeted especially after the UKLF heard that the Zous had started discussing the manner in which their villages were wiped out.

It was sheer foolishness on the part of the UKLF to torture a father and son duo, said ZPA and added that it has no ties and does not recognise the Zou People’s Council. From the people of Singda it has been learnt that the ZPC was formed to protect the identity of the Zou people, it said and added that training of the first batch of the ZPA has been finalised and they are ready to start their exercise.
The ZPA further said that the killing of the chief of Zoumunom was the handiwork of the UKLF.


HNA alleges

IMPHAL, Jul 21 : The Hmar National Army (HNA) has alleged that though funds for Tipaimukh sub-division under the BMS, SPA/ACA, PMGSY, NLCPR have been released frequently by the Centre, the State PWD and its Minister in collusion with officials of the Department have siphoned off an amount of Rs 3.99 crore.

In a statement the outfit said that out of the Rs 60 lakhs released for bailey bridge over Barack river (Taithu village) Rs 24 lakhs have been withdrawn (SPA), out of the Rs 1.76 crores for the same bridge Rs 1.46 crores (BMS) have been withdrawn and out of the Rs 4 crores for construction of road from Senvon to Tuivai river rs 1.29 crores have been withdrawn.

On top of this money for constructing Anganwadi centres have also been siphoned off it said. The fund earmarked for constructing one Anganwadi centre is Rs 1.2 lakhs and 28 such centres are to be constructed under Tipaimukh AC. Out of this only 2 centres have been built, it said and alleged that the remaining amount has been siphoned off.

The outfit urged all concerned to work sincerely and right the wrongs.

Source: http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/News_pages/Brief%20News.html


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2 Responses to ZPA accuses | HNA alleges

  1. T. Zamlunmang Zo says:

    ZDV ban ah tun ZPA (Zpu People’s Army) ki chi khat hing ging doh kiata. I maban uh pen get lou in zong a hing tung di thei ahita hi. Khat mai a um lai a zong aning koi lah a a neng them um thei zing, tun ahileh Chandel Dist lam apat hing gingdoh Zou People Council in a phudoh ZPA hing gingkia ta. Let’s wait and see our not so bright future.


  2. Anonymous says:

    ka pu.!!!
    Galngam &Hangsai a ci pen ang gen kia ou.
    ka lung ki pah ma ma .


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