Chiefs’ Council in NREGS tungtang thusun bawl, Hausa/VA phalna tellou a Veng khenzak ahihlouh ding-Chiefs’ Council

Lamka Post | July 22, 2008

LAMKA, July 21: NREGS tungtang a District Programme Coordinator, NREGS in
thusuah a bawl toh kisai Teiseng Area Kuki Chiefs Union in dawnna a piak
nung in tuni'n Chiefs' Council, Churachandpur District in NREGS tungtang mah
ah District Programme Coordinator, NREGS kiang ah lehkha khia uhi.

Apaisa July 10, 2008 sunma dak 11 in Chiefs' Union, Churachandpur District
in Thangzam Road, Hill Town a a office uah meeting nei ua, huai ah NREGS toh
kisai thupukna tuamtuam 5 la uhi. Hiai thupukna a lakte uh pomsak dia ngen
in tuni'n Chiefs' Union in District Programme Coordinator, NREGS kiang ah
lehkha khia uhi.

Chiefs' Union in a thupukna lakte uh a taklatdan un khua leh block deidanna
omlou a a tawmtawp a ni 100 sung nasepna thamante Job Card neite khempeuh
kiang a kikimhawmsak ding ahi. NREGS nasepna zekai toh kisai in ahihleh, a
zekailouhna dia 2008-09 sung a NREGS nasepna ding ni 100 thaman teng Hausate
ahihkeileh Village Authority-te bank account a koih ding leh Muster Roll
Bills pansan a Job Card neitte kiang a thaman piak a zekailouhna dia a
kisaipih thuneitute'n kal tawp teng a nasepna a etkhiak ding uh hi'n leng
thupuk uhi.

NREGS toh kisai a lungkimlouhna neite tungtang ah leng, Chiefs Union
ngaihdan toh kigamla lawmlawmlou a, himahleh, Chiefs' Council in DPC (NREGS)
in April 15, 2008 a thusuah a bawl dungzui a haksatna leh lungkimlouhna
neite'n a masapen a Hausate ahihkeileh Village Authority a naih masakpen
ding uh, huai ban a Project Officer (NREGS). Hiai tan a a veng naikei a leh
DPC (NREGS) kiang a tunpat ding hi'n Chiefs' Council in thupukna ana la uhi.
Chiefs' Union in bel DPC (NREGS) in min leh hihna kitheiloute apat complaint
lutte zadah deuh uh bang in deihlou uhi.

Hausa hihna toh kisai deuh in Chiefs' Council in a khua uh a theihpihlouh ua
khennen/khenzak ding deihlou ua, a thupukna khat uah, NREGS toh kisai hi'n
kisailou hitaleh, a theihpihna uh leh a phalna uh tellou a a khua ua
"Machet/Part/Veng" omte khenzak/khennen a hihlouh ding in thupuk uhi.

Chiefs' Council in thupukna a lakte lak ua nanungpen ahihleh Job Card thak
bawl behna toh kisai hi a, Hill House Tax pia innte kia pansan a Job Card
thak bawl di'n thupukna la uhi.

Chiefs' Council in tuni a District Programme Coordinator, NREGS kiang a
thusun a bawlna uah Chiefs' Council President T. Dongzakai Gangte, Vice
President Paudomang Ngaihte, Secretary L. K. Haokip leh Secretary (I & P) K.
Mang in suai kai uhi. Huai banah, a lehkha khiak uh Chief Secretary,
Manipur, Union Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi, Commissioner (RD),
Manikpur leh a kisaipih BDO/PO (NREGS, CCpur district kiang ah leng khak


Magazine suah ding

Lamka, July 21: CCpur Govt. College Students' Union in hong tung ding
October 2008 sung in Annual Magazine bawl ding ua, hiai a article gelh nuam
peuhmahte'n Sept. 30, 2008 sung in Editor, Mangneilal Zou,
Editor-cum-Secretary Magzine kiang leh email address
ccpurcollege@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots,
you need JavaScript enabled to view it ah piaklut theih ding hi.


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