Georgey spills bean on CV John

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Jul 22: A couple of weeks after the former executive director of New Life Ministry publicly pleaded for clemency, leaders in his previous ministry yesterday rebuffed him with the pretext that ‘they did not find a symptom of repentance’ on his part.

“It is not enough for a man to say I have repented. It is important to prove that by his (one’s) life, by the fruit he produces. He has failed to prove that, he only proved his lack of repentance. That is what is making it difficult for us to accept him,” Georgey Varghese, a man who replaced CV John after the latter’s deeds were exposed told a press conference.

Varghese, who said man can decide repentance based on the fruit he produces also declared before the media that he had received threatening calls before the conference. “If I am going to speak to the media, Iam going answer their questions, and if I am going to clarify things, then I am not going back to Trivandrum, and even my family members will not get to see my dead body”, this is the message that came to my wife, he said.

The man who thinks his predecessor is standing at a point where he does not deserve regards said the conference was held out of necessity, not out of hatred but out of principle, as people were under wrong impression after the latter had started communicating with the society with a different picture altogether. “Anything that we have done in the past one-and-a-half-year, it was never initiated by us but it was always done because CV John had done something,” he added.

To set the record straight, the Director argue the earlier contentions of CV John in a blow-by-blow basis, most of which he said is backed by evidences. He also claimed to get hold of secretly preserved explicit and offensive, never before seen photos and tapes that he (CV) himself had recorded.

Passing on the blame to CV John for starting the present melee with his sinful life and pursuing them unabated with further forgery, impersonation and fund embezzlement, the Director claimed that CV had secretly sold off their Trivandrum Bible College to his 92-year-old father with a different society flouted in December 2007. Besides selling the property worth crores at a mere price of Rs 6.5 lakhs, he is charged with forcefully bolting the Principal, Executive Director and Financial Director offices there with one of his accomplice and goondas and trying to confuse the theological students.

CV was also accused of sending anonymous emails while on counselling with a senior priest and professional Christian counsellor at Iowa, US which speakers at the conference said is another sign of lack of repentance.

According to the Chairman of NLM, H Nengsong 30 of their more than 200 workers were persuaded to put-in their papers by CV John “ their reprimanded director who he said had siphoned off more than Rs 2 crores of aid. He also denied of having received any complaints from parents of the girls accused of having sexual relationship with CV, nor from any of the girls.

Besides lack of symptoms of repentance, the Chairman said their main sponsor the World Help’s explicit communication of withholding their sponsorship if CV was included in the committee or its governing body as another reason for their reluctance to accommodate him.

Equipped with enough evidences, the New Life Ministry board members who refuse to budge despite the media hard-sell on forgiveness, said they were ready to go anywhere CV takes them.


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