NEW DELHI: The UPA won the trust vote in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. The final count, as announced by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, showed 275 votes polled in favour of the government and 256 against it. ( Watch )

There were 10 abstentions as per the final tally.

Earlier, the Opposition members rushed to the well of the House, forcing the PM to cut short his reply to the debate. The Speaker then put the confidence motion to vote.

FOR 269: UPA 223: Cong 151, Lalu’s RJD 24, Pawar’s NCP 11, Karunanidhi’s DMK 16, Ramadoss’ PMK 6, Soren’s JMM 5, Paswan’s LJP 4, Plus one each from Owaisi’s MIM, Mehbooba’s PDP, Muslim League, NLP, RPI(A) and SDF.

SP & Others 46: SP 34, MDMK rebels 2, BJP rebels 2, JD(U) rebels 2, Omar Abdullah’s NC 2, Shiv Sena rebel 1, TRS rebel 1, Delkar’s BNP 1, Independent 1.

AGAINST 267: NDA 165: BJP 128, Shiv Sena 11, Patnaik’s BJD 11, Akali Dal 8, JD(U) 6, Cong rebel 1.

Left 60: CPM 42, CPI 10, Forward Bloc 3, RSP 3, Kerala Congress 1, Independent 1.

BSP & Others 42: BSP 17, TDP 5, SP rebels 5, Gowda’s JD(S) 3, Ajit Singh’s RLD 3, MDMK 2, TRS 2, AGP 2, Ind 2, Cong rebel 1.

ABSTAIN 1: Mamata Banerjee.

UNDECIDED 4: MNF 1, NPF 1, Independents 2.

NO VOTE 2: Speaker, except if tie; P C Thomas due to SC order.

Source: The Times of India



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