12 percent hike in DA/DR of state govt employees

IMPHAL, Jul 25: The dearness allowance/dearness relief of the employees of the Manipur government have been enhanced by 12 percent effective from July this year.

A memorandum of the state government circulated today by the state finance department said, “The Governor of Manipur is pleased to decide that the dearness allowances/dearness relief payable to the state government employees/pensioners/family pensioners shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 35 percent to 47 percent with effect from 01-07-2008.” Mention may be made that employees of the state government have been pressurizing the state government for enhancing the DA/DR for a long time.

Apparently as a result of this, a Cabinet meeting under the chair of the state chief minister O Ibobi Singh recently approved the proposal of the state finance department to add 12 percent to the existing 35 percent DA and DR for its employees.

The calculation of the dearness allowance will be done on the basis of the pay drawn in the prescribed scale of pay including stagnation increment and non-practicing allowance, NPA and will not include the other types of pay like special pay (enjoyed by the employees under suspension) and personal pay etc.

The office memorandum said that with effect from December 1, 2007, the DA/DR is computed on the basis of basic pay/pension, dearness pay/pension stagnation increment and NPA.

In case of medical and veterinary doctors including homeopathy and nature cure the limit of pay plus DA and NPA currently existing under the office memorandum of September 25, 2007 still holds good.

But for the employees who opted to retain the existing scale of pay (pre-revised) the DA/DR will include, in addition to pay in the pre-revised scale, dearness allowance and interim relief appropriate to pay admissible under order in existence as on January 1, 1996, it said.

Source: http://ifp.co.in/FullStory.asp?NewsID=2750


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