45 abductions in state since start of year

By : Thingbaijam Dhamen/IFP

IMPHAL, Jul 27: At least 45 cases of kidnappings by suspected militants or armed gunmen including 21 missing reports of children below the age of 18 years were reported at the different police stations in Manipur during the past around six and half months since the beginning of this year.

The figure, however, does not include reported attempt to kidnap children or rescue of children by the people as well as by the police after July 16 which local media have been reporting everyday.

Of the 45 cases 21 are related with kidnapping of 24 children in which five have been released by the kidnappers while another five escaped from the kidnappers.

The remaining 24 cases were related with the kidnapping of government officers, mostly from the engineering department, drivers of the trucks plying along the national highways passing through Manipur and civilians for ransom and other militancy related activities, an analysis of the compiled report of the state police department said.

Out of the 21 cases involving disappearance of 24 children, 15 are still missing while five had been released by the kidnappers (reportedly by a group of militants) and an equal number escaped from the custody of the kidnappers on the children’s own effort as per the police sources.

Police also believe the 15 children along with some other children about whom the parents did not report to the police have been recruited by the militants as their cadres.

As per the police case two children namely Moirangthem Kennedy Singh and Sagolsem Sanjoy Singh of the Orphan Home Deulahland kidnapped on May 1 this year and released in the first week of July this year two months in their custody. 16-year old Senjam Prem Singh Keikol Ukha Leikai was kidnapped from near his home on June 2 in the afternoon at around 1 pm and released in the evening of June 8.

Two other boys Yenkhom Naobi, 13 years, and Angom Langamba, 11 years, hailing from Iroishemba village were kidnapped by suspected militants on July 6 and released on the 12th of the same month. They were released apparently after the villagers protested against a group of PREPAK who claimed taking captivity of the two children.

Four boys succeeded in escaping from the kidnappers hands. 12-year old Pk Jayenta escaped from his kidnappers on July 7 last when people in Imphal started standing up against the kidnapping of two children from Iroishemba. He escaped as he gave an alarm to the locals when the kidnappers attempted to evacuate him to an undisclosed location after he was picked up near his school at Wangkhei.

On the same day, police reported of an attempt to kidnap another 13-year old named Lanchenba of Kakching in Thoubal district.

Two boys named Kshetrimayum Naobi, 12, from Wabagai Kairang and Phurailakpam Naoton, 15, of Konthoujam village in Imphal were missing since May of this year and made good their escape from the custody of the militants who kidnapped them on July 16.

But their mothers were kidnapped by the militants on the same day demanding handing over of the two boys. They also charged the two boys of escaping from their camps with weapons. The mothers who were in the captivity of the militants are Ksh Purnima and Ph Premi.

As per the police record four cases of kidnapping were registered with different police stations involving militants of separate groups.

The compiled record said three drivers were kidnapped by the KRA(U) on January 6 from Maram area along the Imphal-Dimapur section of the NH-39 and released on the next day after the truck owners fulfilled their demands.

On January 11 KLA activists kidnapped a person named Akhup Kom from Andro village in Imphal east on the demand of Rs. 2 lakhs as ransom and released on January 17.

On January 31 two cases were registered at different police stations regarding kidnapping of an assistant engineer of the PWD named S Manjor who was later released on February 1. Another case was also registered in connection with the kidnapping of an AE of the state electricity department named Keshwor from his office at Kakching in Thoubal district. He was also released after meeting the demand of the militants.

In the month of February four cases of kidnapping were registered with the first case being on 18 February regarding kidnapping of an employee of the electricity department named Khomdon along with his wife by suspected Kuki militants. They were later released on February 24.

On 20th of the same month former MLA of Manipur K Tomba along with his driver named Dijamani were kidnapped from Molnom area in Chandel district by suspected NSCN(IM) cadres. But they later escaped from the custody of the kidnappers on the next day.

A Tata truck driver was also kidnapped on 25 February by two suspected militants from Sekmai area along the NH-39 and later released unharmed on the next day. This was followed by another kidnapping case on February 27 in which an assistant teacher of primary school at Mayang Imphal and released on the next day.

Five cases were registered during the month of March with the first case registered on the kidnapping of an AE of the minor irrigation department by suspected PULF at gunpoint from his house at Urup Arpati under Singjamei police station.

On March 15 another case of kidnapping occurred when a truck driver was kidnapped by suspected KRA(U) on his way from Sekmai Maharabi along the Nh-39. He was later released on the same day at night.

An assistant lineman of the electricity department was kidnapped by three suspected militants and released on April 1.

Two kidnapping cases were taken by the police in the month of April. A contractor named E Binodkumar was kidnapped by militants on March 28 for ransom and released on May 10. One AE named Munindro of IFCD was also kidnapped on April 29 and later released on May 6.

In May also two cases of kidnapping were registered. One was related with kidnapping of a contractor named Kumar engaged in the black topping along the NH-39. He escaped from the kidnappers on May 8.

Another case of kidnapping a time keeper of the Tidim Road Bus Drivers and Owners Association named Yumkhaibam Thoiba Singh was reported on May 16. He was kidnapped by two UKLF armed cadres on reported monetary demand from the passenger buses parked at the New Lamka bus parking and later released on May 20.

A maximum of eight cases were registered with the police during the month of June. Among the cases were rescue of seven non-locals labourers engaging in the works of the installation of tower of the Airtel Mobile operator kidnapped by some unknown armed persons on June 27.

They were rescued by a team of Bishenpur police who conducted a rescue operation at a house owned by one Surjit hailing from Torbung.

They were kidnapped on the demand of Rs. 10 lakhs from the Airtel Company, the police case stated.

One case on the kidnapping of one Senjam Prem Singh, 16, by some unknown armed persons from Keikol Lamkhai was registered on June 2. But he was released on June 8.

Another kidnap case was also solved during the same month by the 34 AR on June 23 when one youth named Kh Bhorot was kidnapped from his house gate on the same day.

A driver of the oil tanker (MN-01/602) named one Rajen Singh of Yairipok was kidnapped by three to four armed persons suspected to be KNF(S) from Tuibong patrol pump, Churachandpur, according to a case registered at the Churachandpur police station.

A case related with the kidnapping of four official of the DRDA namely, L Sarat singh Singh, research assistant, N Maniyaima Singh, RI, W Iboyaima, assistant project officer along with a driver of a private car were kidnapped by some anti-social elements on their way from Chandel to Pallel on June 10.

Two of the cases registered during the month of June were related with kidnapping of engineers of different departments while other related with the abduction of civilians and contractors by the suspected militants.

On June 20, two non-locals named Dinesh Jain, proprietor of M/s Sumdarshan, Thangal Bazar and Jumu Das of Alu gali were kidnapped by suspected KYKL cadres from Alu Gali. They were released after two days stayed in the custody of the kidnappers on June 22.

On June 29 also Sekmai police station taken up a case on the kidnapping of a 28-year youth named Kh Bemarjit Singh by four unknown persons from Sekmai bazar. He was later released on the evening of June 30.

A executive engineer of the state electricity department named AK Nabachandra was kidnapped by suspected valley based militants from Singjamei Chingamakha on June 18 and he was released on June 20.

In the midst of spate of abduction of school going children below the age of 18-year, one case of kidnapping was reported on July 9 in which one truck driver was kidnapped by suspected Kuki militants on July 8 from Changoubung area on the NH-39.

Source: http://ifp.co.in/FullStory.asp?NewsID=2760


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