Venue: All Saints’ Church, Malabar Hill, Mumbai
Time: 1300 Hrs


At the outset, I extend my heartiest and warmest greetings to each individuals and family members in the blessed name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Chibai!!

As we gathered here to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of our Fellowship, MZCF, I praise God and extend my hearties greeting to all of you, including the founding members of this Fellowship. I am grateful to the Committee members for giving me an opportunity to give this Annual Report in this august fellowship. At the same time, I would like join you in expressing our gratitude and thanks to the Lord, Almighty. “..for his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever (Ps.117)”.

1. A Brief History of the Fellowship:

The birth of our Fellowship was traced at “Silverstreak”, the residence of Ms. Martha Vungkhanching, at Kalina on 4th July, 1993 at 4.00 p.m. when a meeting was held with 7 members were present.

The first Worship Service of our Fellowship was conducted on the 25th July, 1993 under the name of “Zomi Worship Service” at the residence of Pa Kamneikhup & family, at G-350, Air India Colony, Kalina. However, the name, “Zomi Worship Service” was changed into “Zomi Christian Fellowship” on 16th August, 1997 and this name was in used till today.

2. Fellowship Worship Service:

Our Fellowship starts its worship service at the residence of Pa N. Suakzathang at E-11, Darbhanga House, Peddar Road, which continued till 5th March, 1995 and the service was conducted twice a Month, i.e. 2nd & 4th Sunday which it continues till September, 1996. As time progress, God’s favoured the fellowship to get the permission of All Saints’ Church Pastorate Committee to conduct the Worship Service at All Saints’ Church, Malabar Hill from 12th March, 1995 onwards. From October 1996 onwards, a regular ‘Service’ was held on all Sundays.

· Worship Timings: Since January 2008, we have adopted a new Service Timings, i.e. 1.30 p.m. (The last worship timing we have was at 5.30 p.m.)

· Worship Service Pattern: Our Fellowship worship service was conducted in the following pattern;

First Sunday : Bible Study
Second Sunday : Sharing
Third Sunday : Bible Study
Fourth Sunday : Sermon/Gospel Message
Fifth Sunday : Any 5th Sunday would be observed as special day & it was observed as below:

a). Youth Special (30th Sept,2007),
b). Forgiveness Day(Dec 30, 2007),
c). Nupite Special Service (Mar 30, 2008)
d). Father’s Day (June 29, 2008).

2.3. Important Calendars observed by MZCF:

The Mumbai ZCF has set-up a Calendar to be observed auspiciously throughout the year. The dates and programs observed during 2007-08 are herewith, viz.

a). Youth Day : September 30, 2007
b). Parents’ Day : October 21, 2007
c). Forgiveness Day : December 30, 2007
d). Palm Sunday : March 16, 2008
e). Good Friday : March 21, 2008
f). Easter Sunday : March 23, 2008
g). Youth Day : May 07, 2008
h). Missionary/Mothers’/Pentecost Day : May 11, 2008
i). MZCF Anniversary Day (Jul 23) : July 27, 2008

In addition to the above, the following dates are proposed to be observed in the coming days;

j). Freshers’ Meet : August 15. 2008
k). Youth Day : August 31, 2008
l). Forgiveness Day : December 28, 2008

3. MZCF Executive Committee:

Our Fellowship (Mumbai ZCF) has an Executive Committee, who looks after the affairs of the Fellowship. Election to this office was held every year for tenure of one year and the election was done through a secret ballot. The posts for which election were held are as below:

Chairman : 1 no.
Vice Chairman : 1 no.
Secretary : 1 no.
Asst. Secretary : 1 no.
Treasurer : 1 no. and,
Finance Secretary : 1 no.

In addition to the above Executive members, there are 6 members who are nominated from time to time by the elected members. Last year, we have Election for session for 2007-08 on the 12th August, 2007 and the tenure is due to ceased on 31st July this year. Election for the year, 2008-09 has been already announced to be held on 3rd August, 2008. Bro Kamthian Vaiphei (Pastor) and Bro. T. Minlun (Missionary, MVM) have been appointed as Returning Officers.

The Mumbai ZCF have set-up various sub-committee to handle various portfolios such as – Worship Service, Prayer Meeting, Welfare Fund, Website, Children Sunday School and Directory. (One unique thing practiced by MZCF is that, till date, the Committee has not spent any money for conducting a meeting. The hosts have volunteered to meet our expenses and we are grateful to their families).

4. Bible Study:

As per records, our fellowship has started Bible Study in December 1996 with ‘Romans” chosen as the first subject. This subject was taught till November 1999. After that, book of “Mathew” was taught from December 1999 to March 2005. Mention may be made that Pa V. Dongzathang, Pa Thiauzakhup Hangzo and Pa (Dr) Ginlianlal Buhril have been involved in teaching the above subjects. Thereafter, “Foundation For Life” was chosen as the subject (April 2005 to date). Now, the subject being almost covered, “Galatians” has been selected as the next subject. In the last few years, the Committee members are involved in taking the responsibilities.

5. Holy-Communion/Lord’s Supper:

Holy Communion has been an integral part of our Worship Service. During the last one year (2007-08), Holy Communion was organized once in a quarter and conducted on the following dates, i.e. 14th October, 2007, 6th January, 27th April and 13th July, 2008 respectively. On these occasions, Rev Avinash Rangayya, Pastor, All Saints’ Church has been invited. We are extremely grateful to him for making himself always available in times of our need. The next Holy Communion is being held on October 26, 2008.

6. Prayer Meetings:

Prayer meeting was introduced in our fellowship in 2001, and conducted on last Saturday of every month. The first Prayer meeting was held on 25th August, 2001 at the residence of Pa Thiauzakhup & Family, Peddar Road. Since then, God has guided us through and it was regularly held without any interruption, except for one occasion which occurred due to heavy rainfalls and flood in Mumbai. I extend my thanks to all who generously open their doors so that the prayer meetings would be continuing till today.

7. Missionary Support:

We are grateful to God that He has used us one of His instruments to support Missionaries in various states across the country. In the last one year, we have witness much more blessings in our fellowship so that, through our contributions, we could extend our supports to 2(two) more organization/ institutions. I would like to present the list of our Missionaries/ Associates as below. Viz.

Here Am I Ministries(HIM), Guwahati, Assam : Rs. 2,000/- pm
North East Centre for Training & Research (Nectar), Shillong : Rs. 1,600/- pm
Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM), Bangalore : Rs. 2,500/- pm
Frontier Mission Society(FMS), Churachandpur : Rs. 1,500/- pm
Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB) : Rs. 3,000/- pm
Bombay Diocesan Council, Mumbai : Rs. 3,000/- pm
World Vision of India, Chennai (Child Support) : Rs. 600/- pm
Maharashtra Village Ministry, Mumbai (w.e.f. Jan, 2008) : Rs. 2,500/- pm
Gilead Evangelical Theological Seminary(GETS),Bangalore (w.e.f. Jan,‘08) : Rs. 3,000/- pm

The minimum requirement for our Missionary supports for a particular month from January 2008 stands @ Rs. 19,700/- (i.e. an estimate expenditures of Rs. 2,36,400/- per annum).

8. Resource Management & Finance:

We have maintained separate account for MZCF and Welfare Fund, which are with State Bank of India.

· Our main source of income are drawn from Sunday Offerings, Tithe and Missionary Box collections/offerings and others. As per the audited report of the year 2006-07, the total amount received & expenditures was recorded at Rs. 220,663.66 p & Rs. 189,452.25 p. respectively with a balance of Rs. 31,211.41 p only.

· Mumbai Zomi Welfare Fund has entered the 3rd year since its introduction. A sum of Rs. 100/- only has been fixed as membership fee, per head which will be valid for a calendar year. In the first year 72 persons enrolled their membership and in this current year, 2007-08, we have more than 100 enrollments. We thank God that with His blessings we have not incur any expenses till date.

· Contribution to All Saints’ Church was made on a voluntary basis. Our annual contribution towards the Church in 2007-08 was Rs. 3000/- only.

· An amount of Rs. 2000/- has been given to IEM to meet traveling expenses of our Missionary for attending their Conference.

· MZCF have resolved to give a token amount of Rs. 500/- to our guest speakers, per invitation. Last year, we are fortunate to have full-time Worker amongst us. As a token of our gratitude and encouragement of their noble works, a token amount of Rs. 1000/- each has been given to the following persons:

· Bro. Tunlalsiam Singson, Pastor, Nalasopara Baptist Church, Mumbai
· Bro. T. Minlun, Missionary, Maharastra Village Ministry, Dahisar, Mumbai
· Bro. Kamthian Vaiphei, Pastor, Kalina Fellowship Assembly, Mumbai and
· Bro. V. Biaklal, Song Leader, Andheri Baptist Church, MBS, Andheri(E), Mumbai.

· Pa Lianzalal Phiamphu & Tv Dongminthang Hangluah have been appointed as Auditors for the year 2007-08 (1-08-2007 to 31-07-2008).

9. Website:

We felt fortunate to have our own website. Today, we have entered the 3rd consecutive year since it was launched. We extend our thanks and gratitude to Bro. Dongminthang Hangluah, Pa Joshua Singson, Pa M.T. Muanding and Tv. Muang Naulak and others who are involved in administering and designing the site. I hope that, through this website, we will be more connected and reach out to more people to communicate our faith and growth. You may visit us at to share your thoughts and contribute your resources.

10. Songs & Worship :

Music or PA system has been a proposition that we have for the last 2 years. Our fellowship has been blessed with the following items, viz.

We recently procured a compact Public Address System, Stranger (Ampli + Speaker) for our use, with a microphone and stand @ Rs. 7,300/- only. We express our thanks to Pa Joshua Singson and Pa Muanding Guite for their time and efforts.

A branded new Guiter was received from Pa Joshua & family as donation to our fellowship. We express our thanks to Pa Joshua & his family members and wish that God shall bless their family in manifolds.

We received 40 copies of Biakna Late from Pa Nengzamang Tongsing & family and Pa Kaizadou Thomte & family as donation to our Fellowship. We express our thanks for their contribution and wish that God shall bless their family in manifolds.

11. ZCF Directories:

As a tradition practiced by MZCF over the last decade, we have printed Mumbai ZCF Directory in 2007-08. About 150 copies have been made for circulation to members, say 1 each for a family and single members. We expect that the Directories for 2008-09 will be brought out soon one a new committee is elected in August, 2008.

12. Outreach:

We are grateful that our Fellowship has the opportunity to share a good relationship with St. Columba Church, Lion Gate, Fort and All Saints’ Church where our youths have taken part in the Advance Christmas Fellowship. We are grateful to all those individuals who take part in the meeting.

13. Anniversary-cum-Freshers’ Meet:

Last year, we have celebrated our Anniversary Day along with the Freshers’ Meet. However, this time, Freshers’ Meet will be held separately, on 15 Aug., 2008 with a dinner party, for which the VENUE will be announced in due course of time. As a tradition we there was contributions fixed @ Rs. 200/-, 100/- and 50/- for Officers, Single employee and students or individuals above 12 years (children below 12 yrs exempted from contribution. However, in order to observe Freshers’ Meet this year, contribution will be done at Free-Will for all members.

14. Christmas & New Year:

Christmas was celebrated last year with a dinner party at All Saints. So far, it was a record that over 250 congregations have attended the Service. However, New Year celebration could not be held as it was not on govt. holiday list. We look forward to have a blessed Christmas program.

15. Farewell Mumbai:

During the year 2007-08, our Fellowship witnesses the untimely departure of Nu Chingkhochiin (m/o Ms. Chiinngaihlun Guite, Mira Rd.) on 5th June 2008 after a brief illness. We also have to bid our farewell to Bro. Sanglian Guite & family, Pa Thangkhanchin & family who were shifted to New Delhi and Guwahati.

16. Word of Thanks:

As I conclude my report, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Pastorate Committee and members of All Saints’ Church, Mumbai for allowing us to have a fellowship in their Church since 1995. We are also thankful to them for allocating us an appropriate time of our choice, so that we can meet at this particular time.

Last, but not the least, I have to express my gratitude & thanks to our Chairman, Pa Nengzamang and our Secretary, Pa Joshua for their able leadership and guidance. My thanks also go to all the committee members for their kind cooperation and selfless support throughout the year.

My thanks also goes to each one of you who take part in this august Anniversary worship program today. It cannot happen without you support that, this fellowship will would grow in faith and progress. I ask all of you to continue your support and commitment in faith so that, we will jointly serve for the extension of the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us also acknowledge that, each one of us have an equal opportunity and vital role to play. With all your commitment and with our little contribution, we shall be able to commit and stressed towards a common goal and claim more victories for the Cross.

“…we will bless the LORD from this time forth and evermore. Praise the LORD.”

– Psalm 115:18

Thank You all of you.

(Ginminthang Shoute)
Asst. Secretary. MZCF


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