Slaying of non-local sparks protest in CCpur

Lamka, Aug 1: The slaying of a non-Manipuri business man at Tuibuang Bazar here last night attracted a wide range of protest as all business establishments owned by the community downed their shutters for the day even as the body was placed before the local police station for a moment.

A businessman identi-fied as Aver Kumar Shah, according to police sources was found murdered inside his rented house at Tuibuong bazaar at about 8. 30 last night, with his throat slit and his mouth bearing cut/tortured marks. His body was retrieved from the scene at about 9 pm and deposited at the district hospital morgue.

The circumstances in which Shah was killed remain blurred but the police have taken into custody his three house- mates, including a 14 year-old-boy.

Reports collected over the day were at odds; however reliable sources said the three alleged inmates or suspects have claimed that a man entered their house at about 8 pm when they were watching television.

As they inquired for the Aver Kumar Shah, Shah had identified himself and as requested the three of them moved to the next room which was immediately bolted from the other side.

After about half an hour and after allegedly hearing them over asking him for a brief case the three house-mates discovered that their friend was murdered.

There were many loopholes on the lines obtained from the sources, however the non-local community has taken a strong exception against the manner in which the police has placed the housemates under their custody.

At about 2pm today, after post mortem was conducted the body was placed at Tiddim Road in-front of the police station for about half-an-hour, allegedly on the ground that his body would not be cremated without the arrested suspects, most of who were related to the victim.

Police resorted to a lathi-charge to disperse the crowd and give way to traffic and after negotiations the body was taken for cremation as the police agreed to accompany the 14 year-old-boy identified as Money Kumar to the cremation.

The other duo was identified as Pramod Kumar Gupta, 18 of Barsha district of Bihar and Devender Kumar, 20 of Sarcha-nd district also in Bihar. Police has claimed that investiga- tion is on and that the suspects’ statement will soon be obtained.

SOURCE: The Sangai Express


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