ATSUM’s Bandh appeal | HPC(D)’s stand on dam

Taking into account hardships that would befall upon the common people of manipur in case ATSUM goes ahead with its proposed 96 hour bandh from August 10, the bharatiya janata Party manipur Pradesh has appealed to the student organisation to reconsider its agitation call. The BJP, in statement issued by its media in-charge alleged that the SPF Govt is responsible for creating such uneasy situation as it had been resorting to delaying tactics inspite of assurances to implement or translate into action demands placed by the ATSUM. It is imperative that ATSUM would opt for such sustained agitation programme as the SPF Govt had been unable to live upto the expectation of the people with parti-cular reference to genuine grievances of ATSUM that had been striving to improve and develop education sector in the hill districts, BJP maintained. Further high-lighting that business sharks and selfish traders are likely to capitalise on impending shortage of essential goods in case the bandh call is not revoked, the State unit BJP also called upon both the SPF Govt and ATSUM to find a way for settling their differences in the interest of the general public.


HPC(D)’s stand on dam

IMPHAL, Aug 2: Calling on the Government of Manipur and NEEPCO officials to immediately withdraw from Tipaimukh, the armed outfit Hmar Peoples’ Convention (D) today said there are better ways to make feel of development to the poor and marginalized people by providing safe drinking water, better education and regular electricity, than building dams, reports our CCpur correspondent. Let the dam builders of Tipaimukh listen if they have ears, read if they have eyes and reason if they are human, said the outfit’s statement that vowed to protect any attempt to disrupt the continuity of their land in the name of development by ignoring the consent of the people. Our land is for our people, the river (Tuiruong) shall ever flow, the hills and mountains shall ever stand, our people shall forever own and live in them, added the statement. The outfit also vowed that not to take an inch of their land by NEEPCO and Government of Manipur. The indigenous Hmar people demands respect from any outsider in its land, we don’t need a big dam, the attempt to build Tipaimukh Multi-purpose Hydro-electricity Project should be stopped. This is the collective consent of the Hmar people, it said and added, “If this consent is not respected, the blood of our strong and braves will stand out to protect and save our land and people.”



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