Central planning team visits Churachandpur project sites

By : M Kaimuanthang

Lamka, Aug 4: A high power six-member Central team headed by Jayati Chandra, IAS, senior advisor (SP-ME), Planning Commission of India visited the Khuga dam and other spots to inspect the work progress today from about 1.30 pm.

She was guided by the deputy commissioner of Churachandpur district, Sumant Singh and other district level officials including the Churachandpur SP, Manglemjao Singh.

Soon after reaching Khuga dam the team inspected the work progress particularly at the spillway gate for which officials had claimed the works were completed recently.

While inspecting the area Chandra asked some officials why some field channels/canals were left unfinished even as the said components were completed.

She, however, appreciated the sincerity of the IFCD department which has shown keen interest in improving and completing the dam well on time.

The Khuga Dam Local Contractors Association met the visiting official and submitted a memorandum in which the KDLCA said that works at all divisions viz. Khuga canal division-I, spillway, and headworks had been given to individual members of the association.

It said they had executed and implemented works on time and as per specification but the state government had illtreated them on many occasions. It also said the government released a cheque drawal authority on June 28, 2008. It was valid upto July 15, 2008 and the amount was Rs. 21 crores out of which Rs. 3.1 crores was given in favour of the association.

The association has as of now a total liability of Rs. 13.50 crores, it said while urging the Central government to prevail upon the state government to hasten the release of money in their favour.

Chandra in turn said that she had told the deputy commissioner to oversee the works taken up while also appreciating students groups for their willingness to lend a helping hand in the upkeep of the dam and its surroundings.

With regard to the NREGS, she said she was highly impressed to see the people taking interest in carrying out the work and believed the scheme would surely help raise the income of the people.

Maintaining that it was a very popular scheme, she said that while taking up some works under the scheme so many people should not be involved in doing little jobs.

She also visited works taken up under the scheme at New Lamka, Vengnuam and Bungmual and thereafter paid a quick visit to the district hospital which needs improvement in so many areas.

Source: http://ifp.co.in/FullStory.asp?NewsID=2816


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