KSO, Shillong Freshers Social 2008 & Meritorious Award Winners

Kumsih a kimang jing bang in Kuki Students’ Organisation, Shillong in 47 channa Annual Freshers’ Social Function chu ahunglhung ding Saturday August 9, 2008 le State Central Library Hall a ki mang ding ahi.

Hiche function a jingun ding ho chu ahileh:

Chief Guest-Pu Thangminlen Kipgen, Honourable MLA, Chariman, Hill Area Committee, Manipur,
Guest of Honour-Pu Lal Singh Hrangkhawl, Security Manager NEEPCO,
Functional President- Pu John Pulamte, President, All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur.

Invited Artists: Ms. Lhainei (From Myanmar ), Mr. Max Thongmin (Manipur)

Hiche phat vel la Kuki chate Shillong hung vil/Hung vil nom a um le hung lha ding¢a KSO(S) Executive minna tem ihiuve.

KSO(S) Meritorious Award Winners 2008

  • Pauthang Haokip, Ph.D., Department of Linguistics, NEHU
  • Letminlun Khongsai, 2nd position, MA (Sociology)
  • Lucy Haokip, 3rd position MA (Geography)
  • Veihoinei Kipgen, 5th position MA (Geography)
  • Th. Chinnemhoi Vaiphei, 1st class MSc (Zoology)
  • T. Paongam Haokip, , 1st class MSc (Zoology)
  • Biakdik Guite, 1st class MSc (Bio-Chemistry)
  • Mongneilam Kipgen, 4th position BA (English)
  • Kailalmuan Vaiphei, 5th position BSc (Electronics)
  • Thongtinlal Haokip, 9th position BSc (Bio-Chemistry)
  • Hoi Zinnia Doungel, 1st class BSc (Physics)
  • Hangmuanlal Zou, 1st class BSc (Physics)
  • Thangkhopao Haokip, 1st class BSc (Physics)
  • Lalsiesang, 1st class BSc (Botany)
  • James Doungel, 1st class BSc (Botany)
  • Kamminlen Haokip, 1st class BSc (Chemistry)
  • N. Lunminlen Baite, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, CBSE)
  • L. Thangsanglen Otkhojang, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, CBSE)
  • Luntinmang Kipgen, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Seigoumang Chongloi, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Seiminthang Kuki, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, CBSE)
  • Lungin Sitlhou, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Hengougin khongsai, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Seigunmang Sitlhou, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Tinneivah Sitlhou, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Vahneihoi Lhouvum, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • Hatneichong Touthang, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, CBSE)
  • Chongneithem Lhouvum, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, MBOSE)
  • K. Kimneilam Haokip, 1st Div. (Cl. XII, CBSE)
  • N. Mamang Baite, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Paogougin Chongloi, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • LK. Letminlun Khongsai, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Seigougin Haokip, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Ngamboimang Haokip, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • L.B. Seiboi, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Chinneng Kipgen, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Lamneikim Diana Lhouvum, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Olivia Haokip, 1st Div. (Cl. X, CBSE)
  • Phakhoting Khongsai, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Hatkholhing Singsit, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Kim Marlyn Lhouvum, 1st Div. (Cl. X, MBOSE)
  • Vahneikim Khongsai, 1st Div. (Cl. X, CBSE)
  • Linda Chongthu, 1st Div. (Cl. X, CBSE)

Chule annual magazine jong akiboipi laitah ahin, release akibol jou phat leh KSO Shillong website (www.ahsijolneng. co.nr) a hung ki upload ding ahi. Anoija ki attach hi front coverpage ahi.


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