Musharraf to be impeached today

NDTV Correspondent

The Pakistan National Assembly is meeting today to set in motion impeachment proceedings against Musharraf.

This comes amid calls by leaders of the ruling coalition that the president quit honourably before the motion is tabled in parliament.

Prez Musharraf charged with swindling $700 mn

President Pervez Musharraf on Sunday faced charges of “misappropriating” USD 700 million of anti-terrror aid provided by the US to Pakistan on the eve of launching the process in Parliament to impeach him, as pressure mounted on the former General to quit.

Firing a fresh salvo against the beleaguered former army chief, ruling PPP chief Asif Ali Zardari accused Musharraf, who has often targeted the country’s politicians for indulging in corruption,” of misappropriation and said “rogue” ISI members could have benefitted from it.

“Our grand old Musharraf has not been passing on all the 1 billion dollar a year that the Americans have been giving for the armed forces…. We’re talking about 700 million dollars a year missing. The rest has been taken by ‘Mush’ for some scheme or other and we’ve got to find it,” 54-year-old Zardari told the The Sunday Times.

As the ruling coalition prepared a “comprehensive and solid” chargesheet to nail 64-year-old Musharraf down in an impeachment motion to be brought in the National Assembly session starting on Saturday, the President faced mounting pressure from friends and foes to step down.

Cracks have already appeared in Musharraf’s main ally PML(Q) with MP Sardar Bahadur Khan Sihar advising the President to gracefully quit and claiming to have “support” of a dozen MPs and a couple of senators.

Four independent FATA senators have also asked Musharraf to quit and pledged to support the impeachment motion.

“We will prepare a comprehensive and solid chargesheet that Musharraf will not be able to fight it….it is very necessary that he resigns himself, otherwise the impeachment will start,” Law Minister Farooq Naek said after the ruling coalition met to draw a battle plan to end Musharraf’s nine-year reign.



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