NE militant outfits call Independence Day boycott

IMPHAL, Aug 10: A general strike has been called in the north eastern states of the country by four different insurgent outfits on August 15 as a part of its boycott of the Independence Day of India.

While announcing that the general strike would be effective from 1 am of August 15 to 6 pm of the same day, a joint statement of the four insurgent groups, the Kamatapur Liberation Organsation, KLO, Manipur People’s Liberation Front, MPLF, Tripura People’s Democratic Front, TPDF and the United Liberation Front of Asom, ULFA today also appealed to the people of the region to extend support to them and make the boycott and general strike a complete success.

The underground outfits of the region have been boycotting the Independence Day with a general strike over the last many years as a part of symbolic expression of solidarity against Indian rule, the statement said.
The Indian state has been employing all means, particularly covert and state terrorism to intimidate the outfits and using massive military force to push the liberation forces into ‘peace talks’.

But as anticipated, such ‘peace talks’ have not produced the desired results even after 10 years of negotiations as talks could not resolve the politico-military conflict in the region because it does not address the core issue of sovereignty and independence, it said. So some quarters are trying to sell the idea of ‘talks with pre-conditions’ as these quarters do not know the ulterior motive behind it, the statement said.

However, it further said unrelenting armed struggles along with unarmed struggles in the region had defeated all the evil designs to suppress the freedom struggle.

The statement while observing that the freedom struggle was receiving more and more acceptance, said that it was an encouraging to note the concept of interdependent unity and coexistence among the people of the region.

“This strength of ours needs to be consolidated to the maximum with all sincerity and earnestness,” the joint statement said.



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