Chief Minister leh ATSUM team in Prime Minister muding

ATSUM in kiphinna 2 khahkol, maban sunzom ding

Imphal, Aug-12: Manipur govt in singtanggam a laizilna lam a nelsia thu ah ATSUM lungkimlou in ‘August Agitation 2008’ chi a kiphinna tuamtuam abanban a om dia a bikhia tungtang uah zan a govt tawh ATSUM makaite kihouna sil omdan mipi in a theichet deina zia in tuni sunnung dah 2.00 in Old Lambulane ATSUM office ah Joseph R. Hmar, Secretary (Information & Publicity)/ATSUM in Press Conference sam in thil omdan hilhchian hi. Aman a gendan in govt in ATSUM thilphut teng a tangtun nailouh ziakun maban a kiphinna ding bikhiahsate ngeina bangin paitou ding a, hileleng Aug 12-13,2008 sung dakkal 48 General Strike leh Aug 15,2008 a Independence Day boycott ding thu bel zukkik(relax) uh hi’n gen hi. Manipur University a tribal seat reservation tungtang maban sunzom a phuzui dingin Chief Minister leh ATSUM team kithuah in August 2008 sung New Delhi pha ding uh a, Prime Minister kimuhpih ding uh hi’n ATSUM Information Secretary in gen hi.

Joseph R. Hmar in a gendan in Govt in Grant-in-Aid school 171 beisak ding a govt in order a suah himahleh Cabinet in etkik thak(review) dingin thupuk uh a, singtanggam district tuamtuam a contract basis a sem teacher 1199-te hun leng behlap lemsa uhi. ATSUM in govt school(aided leh full-fledged) te deptt official-te tawh joint inspection bawlin kha 2 sunga report pe ding a kimansa ahihdan eng taklang hi. Manipur University a tribal seat reservation tungtang ah state Cabinet in thupukna bawl dingin ATSUM in deih a, tulela Delhi a omlai Chief Minister Ibobi leh ATSUM President in telephone a kihouna bangin joint team in Aug 2008 sungin Delhi phakhawm ding uhi.

Huaite ziakin zan in ATSUM in kiphinna pat a sawmte tawpsak dinga mansa ahihdan uh govt theisak uh a, contract basis teacher-te tungtang sunnung dak 2.00 tan a Order suak ding a lam-et himahleh nitak dak 6.00 in huai order a muh phet ziakun ATSUM in district tuamtuam a makaite theihsakna piak ding tungtang ah lemtanlouhna tuak uh hi’n Joseph in gen hi.ATSUM in a thilphut teng pichin ahih nailouh man in kiphinna ding omlai teng tawpsak theih hinai tuanlou ding hi’n gen hi. Aug 12 -13, 2008a General Strike leh Independence Day ding boycott thu zukkik himahleh kiphinna dangte sehsa bangin pai ding a, Aug 16,2008 akipan in thilphut teng lawhchin masiah Economic blockade paitou ding a, Aug 18,2008 akipan kal khat sung school tengteng khak(close) hiding hi. Aug 25, 2008 akipan in hunchiam omlou in govt school teng khak hiding a, Aug 30, 2008 in Delhi ah Protest Rally om ding chi’n ATSUM Information Secretary in taklang hi.


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