Aug 22 date for SoO | Bandhs cost crores in State

IMPHAL, Aug 19 : The Union Home Ministry, the State Government and the KNO are set to sign the terms and conditions for the Suspension of Operation on August 22 while such an agreement may not be signed with the United People’s Front, the umbrella organisation of a number of other underground outfits.

Speaking to The Sangai Express an official source said that Principal Secretary DS Poonia will represent the State in signing the terms and conditions with the KNO while the Union Home Ministry will be represented by its Joint Secretary Navin Verma. The KNO will be represented by four of its senior leaders. The venue for signing the pact will be decided by the Home Ministry.

Principal Secretary DS Poonia is presently at Delhi to sign the pact. IG Intelligence LM Khaute will also be present.

The State Cabinet had given the green nod to the terms and regulations after the KNO suggested some changes in the ground rules. On the other hand, a final pact with the UPF may be delayed for some time as there are certain differences on the ground rules, said the source and added that the State Govt will not change the ground rules.


Bandhs cost crores in State

IMPHAL, Aug 19: Twenty days of bandhs and 60 days of NH blockades were recorded during the year 2004-05. According to the records of Directorate of Economics and Statistics, 47 days of bandhs and 97 days of NH blockades were recorded during the year 2005-2006, while 42 days of bandhs and 77 days of highway blockades were called by various organisa-tions during 2006-07.

Bandhs wasted around Rs 5.38 crores per day in 2004-05. It means Rs 22 per person were wasted per day during this time in the State. In 2005-06, Rs 6.13 crores per day and Rs 24 per person per day were drained away due to bandhs. In 2006-07, Rs 6.44 crores per day and Rs 27 per person per day were lost.

Talking about National Highways blockades, Rs 2.32 crores per day and Rs 9 per person were lost due to NH blockades per day during 2004-05. Rs 2.69 crores daily and Rs 11 per day per person in 2005-06 and Rs 3.01 crores and Rs 12 per day per person in 2006-07 were wasted due to these blockades. It means a whooping Rs 1319.96 crores was wasted due to bandhs and blockades up to the records January 31, 2007.

Bandhs and blockades called between April 1, 2004 and January 31, 2007 by social organisations like ANSAM/KSO, MEELAL, Additional DC Demand Committee, Jiri District Demand Committee, MSF/AMSU/DESAM, Sadar Hills District Demand Committee, ZSU/IT Road Deve- lopment Committee/KSO, ATSUM/ACTP, Apunba Lup, MAFYF, ATSUM wasted Rs 144.10 (Rs 572 per head), Rs 105.30 crores (Rs 418 per head), Rs 96.80 (Rs 384 per head), Rs 54.45 crore (Rs 216 per head), Rs 52.41 (Rs 204 per head), Rs 43.16 crore (Rs 168 per head), Rs 35.56 crore (Rs 144 per head), Rs 27.17 crore ( Rs 120 per head), Rs 24.45 (Rs 99 per head) respectively.


The Sangai Express


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