Cabinet nod to SoO deal

IMPHAL, Aug 23: A meeting of the State Cabinet presided over by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh today has given its approval to the tripartite agreement on the Suspension of Operation (SoO) signed yesterday between the Govern-ment of India, Government of Manipur and the two Kuki underground outfits, KNO and UPF under a laid down ground rules.

Talking to mediapersons after the meeting, a senior Cabinet Minister informed that the Cabinet has given its appro- val to the SoO with Kuki UG groups signed within the framework of Indian Constitution to ensure the territorial integrity of Manipur after the State Government rejected demand of the Kuki outfits for Kuki homeland or Zalengam.

The senior Cabinet Minister further informed that while the SoO is in force, all cadres of the Kuki outfits would be given some financial benefit on monthly basis from the side of the Government of India. In this regard an agreement has also been reached on submitting the exact number of the cadres. Although UPF had not objected, KNO is said to have had certain reservations against the ground rules proposed from the side of the State Government earlier. But now KNO has also consented to the ground rules, thus leading to the signing of the agreement yesterday, the Minister added.

On other agenda of the meeting, the Minister disclosed that the Cabinet has approved appointment of clinical psychologist, psychiatrist nurse and record keeper of District Mental Health Society of Chandel and Chura-chandpur districts under the National Health Programme. Moreover, the Cabinet meeting has also given its approval on filling up of 19 posts including three reporters, one Information Assistant, one video cameraman, one tape recorder and translators in the DIPR and one OSD cadre post in the Labour Department besides converting the planned posts in the State Land Use Board into non-planned posts.



State Cabinet endorses SoO agreement with Kuki militants

IMPHAL, Aug 23: The state Cabinet today approved the Suspension of Operations agreement that was signed yesterday with KNO, UPF on one side and the state government and Centre on the other.

A Cabinet meeting held under the chair of the state chief minister O Ibobi Singh late today evening also approved a proposal for expansion of the NH-150 from the present width of 100 ft to 125 on both sides.

The trilateral agreement which was signed between the KNO including UPF and state government and Centre yesterday was thoroughly discussed by the Cabinet meeting and gave approval to the same for enforcing in the state.

Mention may be made that the agreement was signed yesterday at New Delhi after the state Cabinet had given approval on July 25 to the ground rules to be enforced under the SoO which was agreed in several rounds of talks with the KNO, a body comprising of 11 Kuki based militant groups and representatives of the state as well as Central government represented by officials of the ministry of home affairs.

A highly reliable source said that there was a slight modification in the ground rules with regard to the maintenance of allowance per month of the cadres of the outfits included in the SoO agreement.

The Cabinet in its July 25 meeting approved the provision of Rs. 2000 per month but highly reliable sources said that today’s Cabinet approved the payment of Rs. 4000 per month to the cadres during the transition period while Rs. 3000 per month after the transition period concluded.

The expenditure to be made by the state government in the payment of allowance to the cadres would be refunded by the Centre.

The source also hinted at commencement of the peace talks at the earliest and the government also discussed initiating talks with other underground groups operating in the state.

As per the agreed ground rules, the SoO is initially agreed upon for a period of one year which may extend by mutual agreement thereafter.

The enforcement of the ground rules would be the responsibility of the state government with the help and assistance of the Central police organizations, Assam Rifles and army deployed in the state, as per the agreement.

Among other agendas discussed by today’s Cabinet meeting expansion of the NH-150 from Keishampat bridge to Churachandpur town was one. The Cabinet approved to expand the highway to make it 125 feet wide from the current 100 ft.

It also agreed to take up steps for demarcation of the land and to identify the land to be affected by the expansion.

Provision of adequate compensation to the affected land holders was also discussed at the meeting.

Other agendas like appointment on contract basis of short staff in various departments was also approved.

Appointment of 19 staffs of different category of posts in the state directorate of information and public relations, 11 staffs in the state health department for Centrally sponsored mental health programmes in Chandel and Churchandpur districts, 11 staffs in the MPSC etc. were also approved by the Cabinet.

The Cabinet also approved incurring expenditure on the payment of staff salaries of the State Land Use Board from the non-plan instead of its earlier payment from the plan amount so as to avoid irregularities in the payment of the salaries of the employees.



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