Bodies appeal for collective fight

Lamka, Aug 24: Formally launching its campaign – ‘Mautaam Puuktaw 2008’ yesterday at a simple function, leaders of various civil organizations including the Indigenous Tribals Leaders Council, Zomi Council, Kuki Innpi, Mizo Peoples’ Convention, Hmar Inpui, Meitei Society and CDSU release a joint appeal for mobilizing relief materials.

We acknowledge the enormity of Mautam famine, affecting each and every individual directly or indirectly. There is an urgent need to mobilize relief materials (rice) and rescue people living in the throes of a famine death, said the appeal in which leaders of the organizations appended their signature.

Also calling for an active participant from all the people of Churachandpur District, the appeal said, “We collectively shoulder the responsibility of Saving Life.” Chief Co-ordinator of Committee on Mautam Famine Aid (COMFA) Rev Khen P Tombing assured the gathering of transparen-cy in utilizing the relief materials that would be mobilised at different levels. “Not a single penny of your contribution will go wasted,” he assured even as he pledged for the participation of the masses with dedication.

Relief material received both from the state and central government were not enough, nor was the contribution by NGOs and NREGS sufficient to feed the hungry masses he said heralding the reason for pro-active role of the people.

Source: The Sangai Express


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