SDO/SDC-te’n grant-in-aid school-te velchian ding

IMPHAL, August 25: Manipur sorkar in grant-in-aid school 171-te huhna piak a tawpsan toh kisai in August 8, 2008 in Commissioner Education (S) Shambu Singh in district teng a Deputy Commissioner-te kiang ah Education (S) nuai a grant-in-aid school 171-te hoihtak a velchet thak poimoh ahihdan theisak hi.

Commissioner Education (S) thusuak in a taklatdan in, SDO/SDC-te’n amau bial sung a grant-in-aid school phiat a omkhate hoihtak a enquiry bawl a, data bangkim kaikhawm a Commissioner Education (S) kiang a pelut dia thu pe ding in district chih a DC-te theisak hi. SDO/SDC-te’n enquiry a bawl ding dan uh bel, aided school-te kum 10 paisa sung a enrolment leh performance, current enrolment register dungzui leh inspection bawl ni tan a student om zah, aided school toh kinai a govt. ahihkei leh private school ahihkeileh EGS/AIE centre omte leh a kigamlat dan uh chihte ahi.

ATSUM Information Secretary in a genna ah, aided school phial a om khate singtang a school khat a student om ding zah lak a 1 kisam tanpha telkha mahleh, phaizang a school khat a student om dingzah kisam zakhat val tanpha phiat a omlou ahihdan gen hi.

MHJU in a 2 veina di’n Singtang bial fang ding

Lamka, Aug 25: Manipur Hills Journalist Union (MHJU) in a nihveina ding in singtang bial a sazu tam mahmah toh kisai a mun mahmah a thuchian kan ding in ding in August 27, 2008 chiang in Lamka nusia in Guite kual tawn in Thonlon leh Parbung area pha ding ua, a hong kiklam un Henglep bial ah lut ngal ding uhi.

Hiai a hohna ding toh kisai in DC/CCpur, Pu Sumant Singh, IAS, Singngat MLA Pu T. Hangkhanpau leh Henglep bial MLA Pu T. Manga Vaiphei ten sen-le-pan ah kithuahpihna sum pia uhi. Thanlon MLA Pu V. Hangkhanlian, MHJU in tuni’n kimuhpih sawm mahleh kimuhpih utlou a, Tipaimukh MLA Pu Ngursanglur in bel kimuhpih mahleh a bial a ding in panpihna pe theilou phot hi.



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