Shifting BDO, SDC offices, Khengjoi chief cries foul

IMPHAL, Aug 26 : Chief of Khengjoi village Thong-khothang Haokip has opposed the lobbying by some people to shift the offices of BDO and SDC of Khengjoi Block to Kham-barol village with complete disregard to the plans of the Government to set up the offices at Khengjoi village.

Addressing a press conference in this connection at Manipur Press Club here this afternoon, Thongkho-thang Haokip asserted that as Khengjoi village is not just one of the oldest villages but also the central hub of the surrounding area, the Government has been planning to construct the offices of BDC and SDC at Khengjoi village. So, in such a situation, the attempt being made by some people to shift the offices to Khangbarol village is really unfortunate.

While informing that memorandum have been submitted to the Governor and the Chief Minister urging the Government not to succumb to undue pressures for shifting the offices of the BDO and SDC from Khengjoi village, Thong-khothang rued that the Government is yet to give any positive response to the memorandum.

Drawing the attention of the Government, Thong-khothang maintained that the confusion in the minds of the people over the issue can be put to rest if the Government makes its stand clear on the issue.

Clarifying that there are no other associations of the village chiefs besides the Dingpi Area Kuki Chiefs Association and the Border Area Kuki Chiefs’ Association formed by represen- tative of around 110 villages under Khengjoi Block, Thongkhothang Haokip also appealed to stop the move being made by the newly formed formed body called Khengjoi Block Chiefs’ Association which to shift the BDO and SDC offices of Khengjoi Block from Khengjoi village to Khang-barol village.



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