Learning to Love Ourselves…!

– Samuel Samte

Who is the most important person in the world? To this, a famous Indian writer says- YOU.

From childhood, we are taught to cut down our ego and love others. Ego is believed to be the root cause of all evil and till you start considering others before self, you are doomed to disaster. Most religion teachings contain this basis. Humans’ most basic instinct is self-preservation. Not surprisingly, ‘i’ is the only form of reference apart from reference to God Himself that uses a capital letter!

But is there harm in loving ourselves? I hope not. At least not till that loving is reasonable and allows you to be somewhat detached and objective too. In fact, it’s proven that if you have a high self esteem, you are likely to be a happier individual, someone who is more likely to face challenges and also bounce back in the face of adversity.

An article in timeswellness.com encourages you to generate your own love. It went to suggest that perhaps the reason for so many, relationships failing is that we haven’t learnt how to love. It’s not possible to love anyone until you have learnt to love yourself. This holds water for the man in uniform at battlefield. I think I know now why the Interviewing Officers at SSB (Defence) are very specific on the candidates self esteem, his role and responsibilities at home. I failed to catch this vital point and conceded a mistake at the SSB I faced recently. For them, the funda is clear: “If a person doesn’t think well (love) of himself and doesn’t have a proper/satisfactory role to play at home, it would be unwise and hard to buy their claim of being patriotic.” They went on to the extent of saying that ‘you’ are not just a VIP, but a MIPW, the most important person in the world.

The famous teaching Love your neighbors as you love yourself of Jesus revolve around here. To be in a position to love others, we must first be fair with ourselves.


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