New chapter for Manipur

Imphal, Aug. 27: Students in Manipur who are studying in government schools could stop worrying about lack of fluency in speaking English after graduating from school.

The Okram Ibobi Singh government has decided to convert at least three high school-level institutions to English-medium schools on a trial basis as part of its plans to revamp the education system.

“Yes we have decided to convert at least three government schools to English-medium school on a trial basis. If the effort is fruitful, more schools will be converted to English-medium schools,” education minister L. Jayentakumar Singh said today.

The move comes after the state education department finally admitted that the students of government-run schools are unable to compete with those of private schools and convents who are fluent in English.

Manipuri, the state language, is the medium of instruction in all the government-run schools in Manipur.

Though the government offers the option of choosing either English or Manipuri as the medium of instruction, all the government-run schools opted for the Manipuri medium because of the teachers’ preference.

“The failure of the students who have passed out of Manipuri-medium schools to compete with the students of other states in public examinations has prompted the government to take the decision,” Jayentakumar Singh said.

Education department sources said the department would train teachers from among those recently-recruited on a trial basis. The students for these schools will be selected through entrance examinations.

“Students who could not get admission to private institutions because of poverty or deficiency in marks could go to the English-medium schools run by the government. The plan is to make English medium compulsory for selected schools,” a source in the department said.

The government is also finalising a plan to convert some of the existing schools into residential ones.


An earthquake shook parts of the Northeast on Wednesday morning, reports PTI.

Officials at the seismological observatory said the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.9 on the Richter scale. It was also felt in Guwahati, Shillong and other parts of the region.



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