Rs. 8.67 cr unspent police modernisation fund amount shown as incurred

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Aug 27: A comment of the audit on Comptroller and Auditor General, CAG-2006-07 said that an unspent amount of Rs. 8.67 crores under the modernization of police forces during the period from 2002-07 was reflected as incurred.

The comment of the audit was made on the CAG finding at its para 3.1. 9 which related with the implementation of the modernization of the police forces in the state with the funding of the Central government.

The para said, “Although the Manipur Police housing Corporation has spent only Rs. 7.02 crores upto March 2007 out of Rs. 18.97 crore placed (2002-07) at its disposal for construction of police stations, building barracks, the department had shown the entire amount as expenditure.”

According to a document on comments on audit CAG-2006-07 finding, it said that the Manipur Housing Corporation (MD/MPHC vide letter no. AG/14(vol-II)/2005-MPHC/2925) furnished on June 17, 2006 had shown the entire fund of Rs. 18.97 crores as expenditure.

It further said that a total of Rs. 7.02 crores was reported to have been spent at the end of March 2007. However, as the works have been progressing, a total expenditure of Rs. 8.67 crores has been incurred at the end of March 2008.

As the amount (Rs. 18.97 crores) had been drawn from the government account and placed at disposal of MPHC, the amount has become government expenditure which hinted that the expenditure could be treated as expenditure under the police modernization scheme.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that usually, at the last minute of the closing of fiscal year, the state government used to withdraw unspent funds for various schemes and projects with Central funds and deposit to the state account apparently to avoid return of the funds which could not be spent during a particular financial year.

This has been clearly indicated by the fact that more than half of the funds released under special plan assistance, SPA during the fiscal year 2007-08 which ended March 31, 2008, had been withdrawn by the state government and deposited in the state account.

And after a quarter of the fiscal year 2008-09, due to delay in the submission of the utilization certificates of the projects and schemes, the state is facing delay in the release of the SPA funds for the current financial year 2008-09.

State chief minister O Ibobi Singh is currently camping in New Delhi to press the Planning Commission of India to release the funds at the earliest apart from other official works.

The scheme ‘Modernization of police force’ is an important initiative of ministry of home affairs, MHA and is under implementation in Manipur since 1969.

Manipur has been classified as ‘A’ category state under the scheme and accordingly receives 100 percent Central assistance for modernization of police force.

Under the scheme construction works of police stations with additional infrastructures have been taken up since 2002.

Construction of police stations with additional infrastructure and improvement of infrastructures of posts of state security forces have been implemented in 50 places.

Out of the 50 police stations, construction of 22 are completed as per latest access report and the works for another 23 police stations are under progress.

But the construction works at five police stations are yet to commence.

As per the status report as on June 2008, improvement of Porompat police had been completed during 2002-03.

Construction works at Mayang Imphal police station, construction of finger print bureau building phase-II at Pangei, construction of Chandel, Tengnoupal (phase-I), Nungba (phase-II and quarters) police stations have been completed during 2003-04.

Construction of Sugnu, Nambol and Singhat PS were also completed during the year and the handing and taking over are in process.

Under the same scheme, the construction works of Churachandpur police station, Chakpikarong and construction of sentry post at Tengnoupal police station had been completed during the year 2004 and 2005.

Construction and improvement works of Ukhrul, Tamenglong, Bishnupur, Thoubal, Saikul, Jessami, Khoupum, Kumbi, Tengnoupal, Chakpikarong police stations were completed during the same year, it said.

Works completed during 2005-06 include construction of infrastructures at Pangei MPTS, Wangoi, Mayang Imphal, Tengnoupal, Irilbung, Singhat, Chingai police stations, 1st MR, Bishnupur police, 5th MR and home guard headquarter at Lamphel.

Ten different works of improvement of police stations were completed during the year and handing and taking over are in progress. The work places were at Singjamei, City, Kumbi, Churachandpur, Kangpokpi, Senapati, Litan, Chasad and Patsoi police stations.

Currently, construction of quarter at CMTW which commenced from 2004-05 is under progress.

Other works started during 2006-07 which are under progress are construction of barracks at MPTS, Pangei, Phungyar (phase-II), Jessami (Phase-I), Nungba, Tamei stations, construction of conference hall cum control room of 1st MR, Imphal, construction of Senapati district police, and barracks of 5th MR, Tamenglong.

The ongoing works under the funding of the same scheme, modernization of police forces during 2006-07 are construction of Wangoi, Chakpikarong, Thanlon, Parbung, Henglep, Kangpokpi, Mao and Kasom Khullen police stations.

However, the report said that the construction works of Lamshang, Lamlai, Pallel which was earmarked during the fiscal year 2006-07 are yet to commence.


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