Official caught in FCS soup

The Sangai Express

IMPHAL, Sep 1: Vigilance Department has recommended fitting action against a former FCS Director for issuing BPL and AAY rice for about one year allotted to Churachandpur district to Imphal West district as additional quota.

Following failure of all those concerned to lift the rice allotted to Churachandpur district, the former Director allegedly reallocated the same rice to Imphal West district without any intimation to the Deputy Commissioners concerned.

A reliable source informed The Sangai Express that 37945.33 quintals of BPL rice and 16534.05 quintals of AAY rice allotted to Churachandpur district for the period starting from April 2006 to April 2007 were not lifted.

With the rice lying at FCS godown not lifted, the former Director wrote a letter to the Government seeking to reallocate the rice to other districts on June 12, 2007.

In its response sent to the then Director on June 25, 2007, the Government permitted reallocating the rice allotted to Churachandpur district, informed the source.

With the Government’s permission, the former Director reallocated 7559.61 quintal of BPL rice and 16534.03 quintal of AAY rice to Imphal West district as additional quota without informing the DCs concerned on June 26, 2007.

The rice quantity left over after reallocation to Imphal West district were allocated to other districts as their normal quota for the month of June 2007.

After studying the activities of the former FCS Director, the Vigilance Department has decided that his act was faulty.

Subsequently, Vigilance Department has recommended that the Gover- nment take up legal action against the former Director of the FCS.

ZOLENGTHE Administrator,

He, The culprit must be suspended immediatyely.


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