Manipur marching ahead with NHRM to achieve “Health for All” by 2010

Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Sep 4: Two district hospitals in Manipur, the Churachandpur and Bishnupur district hospitals, will be upgraded to the level of the Indian Public Health Centre under the National Rural Health Mission, NRHM. The process for these initiatives has already been launched, a DIPR statement said Wednesday.

The authorities are trying their best to implement the objectives of the mission in all the nine districts and 36 blocks through 917 healthcare centres including RIMS and JN Hospital.

A total of 917 health centres including Regional Institute of Medical Sciences and JN Hospital in Manipur have joined hands with authorities of the National Rural Health Mission, NRHM to achieve the target of “Health for all and all for health” by 2010.

Other healthcare centres include seven district hospitals, 16 community health centres, 72 primary health centres and 420 primary health sub-centres, according to the official data.

Out of the total, 90 percent of the works for upgradation of 13 of the 16 community health centres has been completed and upgradation of 20 primary health centres out of 72 has already been completed, the officials added.

Construction works of buildings of 65 sub-centres have also been completed so far and that of 35 others are under progress while repairs at 60 other buildings have also been completed.

For better performance and successful implementation of the scheme, the state government has also appointed 53 medical officers, 74 Ayush doctors, 84 staff nurses, 14 public health nurses, 463 NNM, 32 labour technicians, eight pharmacies, 32 radiographers on contract basis and posted at the community, primary health centres and sub-centres.

Additional 3000 social health activists have been selected. They are 382 from the Imphal east district, 249 in Imphal west, 276 in Thoubal, 155 in Bishenpur, 208 in Tamenglong, 539 in Churachandpur, 615 in Senapati, 252 in Ukhrul, and 325 in Chandel.

Out of the total of 3000, training has been imparted to 1243 Asha activists and the remaining are also under training.

A total of 5683 pregnant women got the benefit of delivering children at the delivery centres arranged under the mission during the year 2007-08 while 1629 women have been given the same benefit during the current year 2008-09 till June.

Even though NRHM programme was launched in the country on April 12, 2005, in Manipur it commenced after a delay of one and half months from November 9, 2006 after the constitution of the State Health Mission Society in April, 2006.

The society was registered as Manipur State Health Mission Society under the Manipur Society Registration Act. District health mission societies were also constituted and apart from this, a state level steering group headed by the Manipur chief minister has also been constituted.

Improvement in health and nutrition of the general masses, reducing the mortality rate, delivery and crude birth, crude death, infant mortality etc. due to malnutrition, improvement of infrastructure of the healthcare centres, protection from communicable diseases, awareness to the people specially women on health related hygiene are the objectives of the NRHM, officials of the mission society said.

The health mission also includes developing the AYUSH based health treatment system


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