A 16th Veina

Amun: J. N. U Community Centre
Ahun: 7th October 2008 (Tuesday)

Programe Co-Ordinators:
– Khaibiaklian & Manlianching

Hun Masa (10:30Am to 3:00Pm)

Host: Hausuankhai & S. Mary Zou
Recording: Zokuomthawn Board

# Mipi Lasahna : Mangpa Loupipen..(ZCF Hym.180) (10:30-10:35Am)
# Hunpatna laa : ZSP Anthem (10:35-10:40)
# Hunpatna thumna : Nu. Chinglian (10:40-10:45)
# Laisiengthou Simna : Nh. Tracy Mantuang
# Predidential Adress : President ZSPDB (10:50-11:05)
# Maithate Pulahna : S. Thangsuanmung (11:05-11:45)
# Maithate Thumsahna : Rev./ G.K Joshua.
# Maithate Thumopna : Tv. Kammuanmung
# Hanthawn Thugenna : Pu. K.Zou
# Legal Right Awareness : North East Help Line (12:05- 12:25)
# Freshers Speech : Tv. Thongchinthang (12:25- 12;30)
# ZSP SForum Report : Kamlianlal Co-ordinator (12:40- 12:45)
# ZSP GJ Challenge : Pa. Zamlunmang Finace Delhi Cell and Tv. Hausienmuan Editor ZKT. ( 12:45-01:00Pm)
# Speech : Guest and invites. (1:00- 01:30pm)
# Stick Dance : Master Chinkhanlal & Co. (1:30- 1:40Pm)
# Speech : ZSPDB Adviser ( 01:40- 01:50Pm)
# Award hawmna : Pu Khakhai Zou, Chairman ZOD (01:50- 02:05Pm)
# Kalaisai Prize hawmna : Games and Sport Department (02:05- 02:15Pm)
# Report : General Secretary, ZSP DB

REFRESHMENT Laantu: Pu. S. K. Mung (02:15- 02:18Pm)

Second Sesion: (03:00- 06:30Pm)

Host: George K. Mate and S. Vung Mary.

# Cultural Dance: Cultural Department, ZSPDB.
# Final Round ZSP DB Miss and Mr. Contest: S. Thangsuanmung and Programe Co-ordinator.
# Sing me a song…
# Male Miss 2008: Host
# Announcement of Miss and Mr. Fresher 2008.
# Vote of Thanks:
# Hun khah na leh Ann kuang thuumna : Pu. Hauliankap, Chairman ZCF Delhi


Theiding a poimaw

* Programe ahun leh amun dung zui in henlamdang thei ahi ding hi.
* Hun la ding te ahunla ding masang a mansa um gige ding.
* Vaiguan pan halei zong tawp hunma a tawp ngai tei tei ahiman in patbei thei na din koipou in panla vai. JNU Rule tha ahi.
* Nampuan banglou te ahun bang a gap ding ahi. Numei ten nampuan teng tei tei ding, pasal ten nampuan tahsa tung a abang tei tei ding ahi.
* Programme a hing pang a buaina bawlpou ma Volunteer te pieh khiet ahi ding a, atungthu ama ma in amaw aki pua ding hi.
* I programme lochinna ding in mehsite bang in pangkhawm liuleu vai…


1. Hall Arrangement:- Khamsienpau, Robert Zou, Lianboi, Benjamin, John Samte, Thangkhosiem and Doukhanmang.
2. Hall Decoration:- Dimngai, Ngailun, Ngainu, Irene, Rose Boinu, Grace Kimneilhing and Jerina Kimneo..
3. Banner: Thalun, Zuanneithang and Letboi.
4. Badges: Pu S.K. Mung, Betsy.
5. Sound and Music System: Music Secreretary, President and Mampui.
6. Seat: General Secretary and Paulianthang.
7. Mess:- Pa Haupu, Ginlun, Hauminlun, Lunmang, and Financepi.
8. Receptionist: Liennunhoi, Chingboi, Grace Lhingneikim, Dimngai, Thangminlian, Malsawm.
9. Stewards: Suanching, Rose Mary Mate, Manhaukim, Douminlian, Khamsienpau, Vincent.
10. Male Miss Judge: Hahat Mate, Irene, Grace Lhingneikim, Rose Boinu,
11. Mr and Miss Judges: Mangzamuan, Rose Mary Mate, Lalrinmoi, and Hausienmuan.


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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