ZSP Shillong Silver Jubilee vaiguon

(Zou Students’ Association)
Shillong Branch


Time: 10: 00 A.M (Sharp)
Date: 4th Oct. 2008.
Venue: Anton Hall. Laitumkhrah, Shillong

Chief Guest: Pu G. S. Haupu, Spl. Contractor, Manipur
Guest of Honour: Pu Jampau Lhungdim, Manager, Mizoram Gas Bottling Plant
Functional President: Pu Khamchinmang, President ZSP/GHQ

We, the undersigned on behalf of the Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Shillong Branch cordially invite your kind presence on the Silver Jubilee Celebration as per given overleaf.

Time: 9:30 A.M

Comperes : Tv. Khupmuanlal & Tv. Peter Lianlunthang
Recording Secretary : Nh. Hauniang
Programme Co-ordiantor : Joseph Z. Tungnung

Arrival of the Guests : 10:30 A.M

Opening Song : ZSP Anthem
Invocation Prayer & Salutation of the Departed Souls : Rev. Kamminthang
Presidential Address : Samuel K. Tungnung, President ZSP/SB
Cultural Dance : ARC’s Zotunnu

Declaration of Jubilee’s Father & Mother and speech by them (5mins each)
Speech : Functional President
Freshers’ Introduction : Tv. Edmund Munluo & Tv. Khupmuanlian
Prayer for the Freshers : P/P Mangsuanthang

Speech : Guest of Honour

Skit (Zonam) : Zoustars

Release of the Jubilee Souvenir : Editorial Board

Speech : Chief Guest

Awards Distribution : Education Department

Speech (Special Guests) : If any (5mins.)
Appreciation Award : By President and Secretary
Secretarial Report : S. Joel Lianmang, Secretary, ZSP/SB
Announcement of Mr.& Miss. Freshers : Information & Publicity

Vote of Thanks : Tv. S. Thangboi Zou, Co-ordinator ZSP/SB
Closing Prayer : Upa Haulam, Advisor, ZSP/SB

Special Invited Guests:
1. Pu Phillip Thanglienmang, DANICS, Delhi
2. Pu Kapmuanthang IFS, Assam
3. Pu Gouchinlian, Dy. Manager, SBI
4. Pu L. B. Thanga, Exe. Manager, HPCL, Shillong
5. Pi Chiinngaihkim, Asst. Manager, NABARD,
6. Pu Somkholal, ACIO-I
7. Pu Soiminthang, ACIO-I
8. Pu Stephen Mangsuanthang, Custom Officer
9. Pu. M. Hausei Zou, Custom Inspector
10. Pu Tualzamang, Lecturer, Mizoram
11. Pu Vincent Thanglienmung, SI, Kolkata
12. Pu Ginzamang, Lecturer, Manipur
13. Pu Daiminthang, Librarian, Meghalaya]
14. Pu Zamkholian, Librarian, Assam
15. Pu. T. Zamlunmang, Editor, Zolengthe
16. Pu Chinlunthang, Advoacate, Manipur
17. Pu Lallianmang Samte, Lecturer
18. Pu Dr. David Vumlallian Zou

Guest Artistes:

1. Mr. T. T. Lal Zou
2. Mr. Bobond
3. Miss. Hatbawi
4. Mr. Haumang
5. Mr. Lawrence


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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