ZSP Golden Jubilee Minister 6 leh MLA 4 in uap ding

LAMKA, Sept 30: Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi (ZSP) kiphukhiet nua kum 50 (Golden Jubillee) chinna October 14 – 16, 2008 sung ZSP phuhkhietna mun Tuaitengphai khua ah a thupi theipen a lop hi ding hi.

Jubillee nipi ni October 16, 2008 Programme ah Chief Guest in Pu T. Phungzathang Minister (Power, Horti & SC, Sc. Tech) pang ding hi. Functional President in Pu TN Haokip Minister ( PHED, IPR & Tourism), Pu N. Biren Singh Minister (IFCD), Pu K. Ranjit Singh Minister (Works), Pu L. Jayentakumar Singh Minister (Education) leh Pu DD Thaisi Minister (Tribal Development) pang ding uhi. Chief Host in Pu T. Hangkhanpau MLA pang ding a, Guest of Honour in Pu T. Manga Vaiphei MLA, Chairman MTDC, Pu V. Hangkhanlian MLA leh Pu Ngursanglur MLA pang ding uhi.

Tua banah, Jubilee lopna in mi phatuamngai tuamtuam in i thawkhawm uh sialtal 5 gou in mipi’n annkuang umkawm ding hi.

  • October 15 & 16 chienga Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Golden Jubilee ding toh kisai update um thei tam teng ahi.
  • Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee Chairman ding in Pu Ginsuonhau @ GS Haopu guontha in um hi.
  • Chief Guest ding in Pu T. Phungzathang confirm hita.
  • Chief Host din Pu T Hangkhanpao A dang teng ahileh conforim hinailou
  • ZSP Miss contest um ding.
  • Pu Ginsuonhau – Sial 2 tua ding
  • Pu Manglianthang – Sial 2 tua ding
  • Pu Khamthang – Sial 1 tua ding
  • Outside Maniur apat Zou khat poupou Golden Jubilee zang dia kuon teng lam pei man up – down fare reimburse hi ding.
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