Articles | Vol. No. VIII, Issue No. V | January 11, 2009

Editorial | Revisiting the year 2008 & Kum 2009 etlawhna

Mangkam: I am in a dilemma, what to call the past year 2008. Whatever it may be, things keep on changing, winds blows and often changed its directions. The year 2008 have a rugged and smooth records in the Zou society in Delhi and NCR.

We all know what 2008 had impact on you and me, and also on our society. For some, it may be the year of success, changes or may be it is a heart broken year for others. Here, what I wanted to emphasize is that, let us all look into a new world, let us all shun  our differences and try to follow the same tune of the society chorus.

Zokam: I zaat, i nam hoitah a apei thei na ding in nang tuomi be-le-phung chite a um lou ngai, na sanggampa, ka pupa, ka innkuonte chia dihlou thei na sasa ki bawnghua jui tei tei, a dihlou ahi chi thei na sasa a ki pawng gup chite a um lou ding ahi.

I nam hoina ding ahi leh eima mimal ki-chapousahna (ego) pen paimang poimaw leh kul hi. Kum 2008 sung in kichapousahna ngen a dim i tam zieh in sil a suolou ding tampi suodoh um hi. A naupang lam hitahen aw, a upalam hitaleh, a ki bawng-eh bah chiet akitam man in i nam sungah lungvai huoi leh luosuo huoi zen in kum i zang tung uhi.

Society sunga mimal ki theisiemlouna umte lahsah lou ham i sawm lou ua ahileh lamkai a na pang nin na post adih lou in na zang kha jel ding hi. Mimal kithei siemlouna pen pawlpi sunga i chillum toh val ngai hi.

Pawlpi sung khat poupou ah ka thu, ka la peihen na chi a ahileh na ki innte sah poimaw hi. A gal a apat mi sep leh bawl na soisel laisie a gamla deu deu nahi khinkhien hi. Na sem in, silhoi bawl in, innte pan in malou bang pua lechin mipi’n na thu jui duom duom mai ding ahi.

Ka sanggampa, ka pupa ahizieh ahiei a panla kahileh vang, a mawhna, hui in tangvai asemmang bang bep ka hi ding hi. Thu adihlou ahita i chi leh zong sumkuong chieng kei lou a i bawl khiel umte admit theijel pen guoljawna leh kituona bul ahi chi tu kum 2009 sunga i thupi ding uh hita hen.

– Written by T. Zamlunmang Zou


What a Shameful Act it was!!

-Khakhai Zou,
President, Zou Youth Organization,  Delhi Branch.

The members of ZCF, Delhi were, as usual, merrily celebrating and having worship service on New Year’s Day (i.e. on 1st January, 2009) at Community Hall, Netaji Nagar, and New Delhi.  When the morning service and the games and sports were over and while every one was waiting to have their share of New Year Feast, some misguided youth of the Zou community started distributing a Fake Issue of Zokuawmthawn issued by the no-longer existing Zo Organization Delhi.

The reasons why I am saying Fake Issue of Zokuawmthawn is simple. Any person who is of ordinary prudence can understand it without any explanation. However, having said so, I feel it my duty to briefly clarify it as follow:

Zokuomthawn is a periodical journal being published by the Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch for the last many years. The present Editorial Board of the Zokuomthawn Journal are Mr. Ginshanglian Samte, Mr. Hausienmuan Munluo, Mr. T. Zamlunmang Zou and Mr. Samuel Samte. As such, any issue of the journal published by any person other than the incumbent Editorial Board or without their knowledge and consent is obviously nothing else but a Fake. Mr. Hausienmuan is currently on a visit to home State. None of these four Editorial Board members are in any way associated with the issue of the Journal that was circulated on New Year’s Day. They have neither authorized anyone to bring out any issue of the journal on their behalf. Therefore, the issue of the journal in question which bears the names of Tv. Douminlien as Chief Editor and Tv. Vincent Letminthang as News Editor, circulated on New Year Day was nothing else but a Fake Journal. It is very unfortunate to learn yet again that this was obviously done on the advice and support of Mr. Philip Thanlianmang, the self-imposed Chairman of the no-longer existing Zo Organization Delhi. For further details in this regard, please visit the website zoworkshop/, where you will find how, when and why the hither to ZOD no longer exist and instead, Zou Youth Organization, Delhi Branch have since been established to look after the welfare and affairs of the Zou community living in Delhi and its surrounding areas.

Now, an instance of this kind is like a Cancer simply because it will breed misunderstanding and hatred between us instead of promoting unity and brotherhood. Therefore, it needs no emphasis that if a person loves his or herself and wishes unity and brotherhood amongst his or her community, one should refrain from indulging in such shameful and destructive act at all times. Further, such an act is not only highly inappropriate but also reflects utter disrespect to the authority of one’s own community’s parent organizations such as the UZO, ZYO or ZSP. The various articles of the Fake issue of the journal also contains information that is tantamount to, among others, offences relating to documents and public tranquility such as forgery and making false document, intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace, statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or will-will between classes, criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly with intent to intimidate a target individual or group etc. etc.   For instance, in an article titled “Ton (Feast of Boasting)/ZO TON” by MK, an attempt appears to be made that a ZO TON can be organize by any person any time either to celebrate his great success or happiness etc. Surely, any person can celebrate his or her success or happiness any time and invite any person or persons. But, there is a difference between a TON organize by an individual and a TON organize by an Organization. If I am not mistaken, a TON organize by an individual is known by the name of the person who organize it and it cannot be called ZO TON as it was tried to be made out in the article. Accordingly, it would be most appropriate and legal if a ZO TON is organize only by the apex organization i.e. by the UZO. However, this does not mean that the ZYO or ZSP cannot organize a ZOU TON but an individual cannot do so. Therefore, let us not misinform or misguide our youth and younger generations. Offences of this kind are punishable under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code with imprisonment ranging from two years or more or with fine or both. By saying this, I do not mean to suggest in anyway that any person or I intend to take up the issue before any court of law.

However, in my capacity as the current President of the Zou Youth Organization, Delhi Branch, I feel it duty bound to try and promote unity, brotherhood and understanding among us. I am, therefore, making a very fervent and humble request to one and all – please desist from indulging in similar acts again in future. My appeal include to all those who have been nominated as ZOD Cabinet Members to resign from their respective nominations, because the ZOD no longer exist. This is necessary in the interest of promoting unity, brotherhood and understanding among us not only in times of both happiness and sorrow but at all times. Let us all say enough is enough, forgive and forget the past and no longer try to divide ourselves neither on religious or clan basis nor on any other ground. Also, let us all refrain from spreading half-truth stories on the net in future.
Long Live UZO, ZYO and ZSP.


Hichi Zaw Deuh Leh
(A Review to ZOKUAWMTHAWN-ZOD Journal 2008)

-Kamlianlal, M.A.

Nidang neulai a ana ki gen jel,”Kumthak ni a iki pak / dah leh I om dan bang bang a ki om den ding”,chih bang dan deuh in kipak loupi kipak mel puak sawm in, thanuam loupi thanop mel suklat sawm in leh fel loupi ki fel sak sawm tei tei kawm in Kumthak mang ding in ka kuan a, atung masa pawl bang in kana pang zomah lai hi. Kitup tak in programme aki zang a, thugenpa jong siam in ngaihnop huai mah mah a, kimawlna /game jong nuam akisa chiat hi. Kumthak programme manlouh kana sawm bang  ka kisik jou hial hi.

Ahin,annek laitak in laikhat hung ki hawm a, awl a ka sim leh ZOKUAWMTHAWN hijaw lou in LUNGSUNGTHAWN sak tu ana hikha hi. A lai kisuah ka nialna leh deihlouhna hilou in, asung a thu kigelhte ZOU te gelh ding a ki lawm ka sak louh jiak in kei mimawl lungtom in nopmoh kana sa mah mah hi. I sung ah literature lam khantouhna ding leh ki thujak tuahna ahoih sem zawk na ding in Journal/Bulletin tuam tuam ZOUKUOMTHAWN, ZOKUAWMTHAWN, ZOKUAWMTHAWNLOU ,ZOUKUOMTHAWNZOULOU etc.etc.bawl jou lei jong a siatna bang mah a om kei a, ahin asung a thu kigelh ten kituahna ding a gelh kha ei?? Or theih dia kilawm aki suah kha nai?? Or khantouhna ding I gelh kha na uai chih isuah masang in nguntak in ngaihsun masa thei in, Zou noh chihte topsan theilei chih deih huai hi.

I kikhopna uh ei Zou chouh kikhopna hilou ahihman in,innlam singtangdawn a khoneu khat, mi tuam omlouhna mun a I ut ut teng igen ua, I ut teng ihawm theih bang te hilou ahi. Midang chilei-I unaute utoh kipawl lim khawm ihih man un, midang theih dia kilawm loute eisung a agen na ding a kilawm Plateform ah ki thuhilh thei zaw lei thu hoih a leng thei zaw ding hi. Etsakna ding in, ZOKUAWMTHAWN- THU TUAM TUAM Column ah – “29-11-2008 nia, ZOD Ex-Chairman Pa Khakhai Zou lamkaihna a ZOD pen ZYO toh ki merger ta na kichi pen Zuouthu ahi bou hi’,chi’n kikhopna huangsung ah hangsan tak in zuauthu theh dalh in a om kik leu leu a, nam ngaina tak tak teng in zumhuai asa mah mah uhi.

Abanah, KOI TEN BANG GEN chih column chiamnuih na/entertainment column aki bol zel pen mimal demna in jat in om kik ta hi. Etsakna ding in @Tukum ZSP Freshers’ Meet nuom ma ma ei,Zouthai chu nepte himai” chih te leh @ Noulawi Catholic te ZCF a bang dia ki khawm khawm na hi uh e? -by K.Zou chih gelh in om kik a, dah huai mah mah hi. Ana gen khak uh ahihtak leh jong, a gen tute adik tuan kei ua, haamdan kilawm lou leh sil hoihlou ahih ithei chiat ua, a theikha lou teng leh I unau dang teng in jong thei uhenla,melse tak in mohpaih uleh chih ideihna uh adiai? Ahihkeh Pu K.Zou,ZCF in nohsuah/ningbawl in om heh ichih na uh a diam theihsiam ahaksa hi. Hibang a iki selphou/mualphou sang un,ZCF Chairman/Secretary theihsak in,hoihtak in thuhilh thei zaw lei a hoih zaw diam chih ka ngaihsun hi. I unau dang ten K.Zou in hibang a agen achih uleh mimal gen dan mai mai a kila lou ding in a minsia ZOU mah mah hi kik jel ding a, nam ngaina kichi seng seng a nam juak te toh aki khiatna om tuanlou hi.

A milip a thu hoihlou ki gen izaak teng lai ah suah lei buaina sou sang seng ta lou ding maw? I sung a kituah louhna om te a lai in theh jaak kei lei jong midang ten a theih sa uh ahi. Namdang te zong kuamah aki tuak dil dial a om tuan kei ua, hilezong midang/namdang kiang ah agen khia kuamah a om tuan kei uhi. Namdang toh kipawl khawm ihih man un, unau/innsung nih kipawl khawm dan in iki ngai ding ua, numei gilou/nou gilou in a innsung thu kholai a atou gen bang in I innsung thu kuamah kiang ah itheh zaak sawm kei ding uhi.

Tualeh, biakinn bang azak hijel e chih gelkhe thak ni….Pasian biakna izak ding uh e.? I lungkim louhna teng tangkou pihna mun ding e.? Kimuhpih ding/bawl ding tuam nei a biakinn ikai uh e.? chih ei leh ei ki ngaihsun thak ni. Tutan a biakinn huangsung a siltung te mihing mitmuh a bawn kilawm lou tampi a om tak leh,tunglam a PA a lung awi na diai.???Thu tanni chiang in ikam hat jiak leh I gensiam jiak in Pasian mai ah kuamah kitan joulou ding hi. Kumthak toh dung jui in ibiakinn mun jak dan uh kheng lamdang thei ta lei chi’n iki ngen uhi. Nam it dan a ki gen chiat ihih ngal uleh, inam itna isuklat chiang un Zou nam minsiatna ding leh simmoh a om na ding in suklat/ taklat isawm non ham ham kei ding uhi. A hoih lam a suklat kidem thei zaw lei, a minpha nang leh inam liangvai mah hung hi tou kik zel veve ding hi.



My Christmas Message to ZYO, And Best Wishes for New Year 2009

– By: M Lalmuanlian Zou (MMZ), Hyderabad

Tutung ZCF/D Christmas a thupi ‘Nakpi Nuamna’ chi kangaituo tha-tha kia leh kalungsim ah silkhat ahing lut hi. Kumtha 2009 a lu’tpan ihi uh toh kituoh in tam ngaituona thah khu Delhi leh a kiimvel a um Zoutate adding in i dinmun uh toh kituoh kasa a, kiphattuompi thei khava chi gintaatna toh tam i Kuomthawm tungtawn in kahing kum nuom hi.

Kumteng a Christmas ang tun chieng in Jesu Pienthu ana kigen zing a, adieh in AHING PEINDAN, AHING PIEN ZIEH leh A PIENNA MUN BAWNG INNSUNG chite kiha gen mama hi. Bawng Innsung a kiniemkhiet tah a Jesu hing pienglou ana hikha taleh Mizawng-Migentheite a ding in hundamna hing tun khalou hial leh kilawm bang in zong kigen hial hi. Hinanleh, ‘Jesu Hospital thupi deu khat ah ana pieng hikhata leh zong, leitung mihingte hundam ding a hing pieng ahi ngal jieh in koima a zawng-ahau khemtuom sih va’ chi ngaidan khat kanei thah phut hi.Tambang lung-gel kana nei kha kholsih a, ahin ‘ana hikhataleh’zong dih ding ka gingta hi. Tuojiehin AHING PIENDAN, A PIENNA MUN, chite jieh hizolou a, ei a ding a ‘HING PIENG’ ahijieh mai a zong Nakpi a Nuam thei ahi chi gintatna kahing nei hi.

Kum 2008 October Ha a Delhi kanuosie zou sawtlou in ZOD khu ZYO chi’n kihengta chi thu kana za a, ZYO zong Zoutate kipawlkhawmna a Mainstreamte (UZO, ZYO leh ZSP) lah a khat ahijieh in hoi kanasa hi. Tam pen ZOD kava deilou pumpang jieh ahisih hi. ZOD kiphukhiet tung in Meeting ah kanatel ngei a, AKIPHU DAN, AHUN leh AMUN chite ah kana buoikha sih a, zong anasepte toh kisai bangma soiselna kana neisih hi. Mi khen khatte’n hing theipi kha khollou maithei na ding ua, ZOD gumtute lah khat in kana pang kha ngei hi.

ZOD kiphu lai in mi khat-le-ni te’n vang AKIPHU DAN, AHUN, AMUN chite ana buoipi ngei uo, zong ana niel/soisel uhi. Ahin ZOD apei bang in ana peitou zel a, a sep ding bang in asem touzel hi. Tun zong ZOD apat ZYO ahing KIHEN DAN, AHUN leh AMUN chite jieh a lungkimzoulou khenkhat um hileh kilawm a, ZOD kiphu lai a ana soiselte toh ikikhietna uh umlou hileh kilawm hi. Lungkimlou mai hilou in, kituohna leh pankhawmna lam ah masanglai bang zoulou hileh kilawm a akilat jieh in dahuoi mama mai hi.

Hoitah in ngaituo nget-ngut samlei ZYO pen ei Zoutate kipawlkhawmna khat ahia, ZOD apat ZYO kichi tou pen i Pawlpi peidan Mainstream suhdihna step masa hing hi ding hi. Heimun ah um nanlei zong Zoutaten kituohtah in I main Organisational Structure/Mainstream – UZO ahiei, ZYO ahiei, or ZSP ahiei ma in kiphunkhawm theilei kilawm zaw ding a, kingainatna eisung ah hing pung zaw ding a, kipangkhawm thei ding a, mite’n hing zataat zaw ding ua, zong kihaat zaw ding hi. Tambang ngaidan dih/hoi isah ding uh ka gingta hi. Hinanleh dahuoitah mai chi ding ahia, Pawlpi nih – ZOD leh ZYO ki-el-ngatsan or ki-deh-tuo bang dan in Delhi ah ahing um ta mai hi….!!!!

Delhi leh akiimvel a um Zoutate hoitah in lung gel tha kia va ui in, itawm nou uh toh mibang a kikhen theite ihisih ua, pumkhat-pawlkhat a i umthei nang uh lampi hing ngaituo khawm vevo kia un. Jesu AHING PIENDAN, APIENNA MUN chite jieh a buoi/kipahthei maite hizolou a, AHING PIENG jieh a ‘Nakpi a Nuam’ ding ahi ma bang in, ZOD or ZYO ahing PIENG DAN, AHUN leh AMUN chite a buoibuoi mai nonlou a, ei Zoutate heimun heisung ah um nanlei uh zong ikipawlkhawm uh KHAT a umthei zing na ding lampi ngaituo chiet va ui.

APIEN DAN, AHUN leh AMUN te aloutheilou a buoipi ngai isahchiet uh lezong a PIEN DING DAN, AHUN leh AMUN te hoitah a ngaituo that a, pawlkhat leh Mainstream khat a umthei na ding lampi ngaituokhawm that kia lei asietna a um ding amah!!!?

Tu kumtha 2009 khu Delhi leh a kiimvel a Zoutate a ding pumkhat-pawlkhat leh lungkituoh tah a kalsuon kum hing hita hen!!!


The Editorial Board on behalf of the

Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch

Wishes all the ZSP Members and readers

A Blessed & Successful New Year

Editorial Board Members

Pu Ginshanglian Samte, Pu Hausienmuan, Pu Samuel Samte,
Site Admin: Pu T. Zamlunmang |

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