Inauguration of Delhi Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church (MELC) is inaugurating its diaspora congregation Delhi Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Delhi on March 1, 2009 at MP’s Club, North Avenue near RML Hospital. The Bishop of MELC Rt. Rev. Dr. Ginkhanmung Zou extends his cordial invitation to grace its inaugurational function.


1. Conductor: Mr. G.L Tungnungm, Accounts Officer, MELC
2. Praising Hymn : Aw, loupipen halleluiah
3. Invocation Prayer : Mother Nuomzavung, Chairperson, ELWA
4. Declaration of Delhi Evangelical Lutheran Church: Rt. Rev. Dr. Ginkhanmnung Zou, Bishop Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church (MELC)
5. Report and Introduction: Mr. G.L Tungnung, Accounts Officer, MELC
6. Induction Prayer & Blessings of the Local Church Committees: Upa P. Chinzahau, Deputy Moderator (MELC)
7. Induction Ceremony of Pastor T. Kamsuanlal : Rt. Rev. Dr. Ginkhanmung Zou, Bishop, Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church
8. Message: Bishop
9. Speech if any:
10.Praying Hymn : Mangpa Loupipen
11.Benediction: Pastor T. Kamsuanlal




Chiarman : Mr. T. Zamlunmang Zou
Vice Chairman : Mt. Ginsanglien Samte
Secretary : Mr. T. Paulienthang
Joint Secretary : Mr. Bruce K. Thangkhal
Finance cum Treasurer : Mr. T. Khuplianlam

Executive Members

Mr. M. Lienlnlun
Mr. Hauzalien

Ex-Officio Member

Pastor T. Kamsuonlal

Wing Wind Co-ordinator:

Mr. Ricard Suonminthang
Miss Pricila Hoipi

Women Wing Leader:

Miss Lhingzahat
Miss Naomi Haumuonching

>>>> See Inauguration Photos

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