Mr. Nengchinlam Zou, the new president of ZSP GHQ



Lamka May 9, 2009: The Zou Sangnupang Pawlpi (Zou Students’ Association) Gen. Hd. Qtrs. held its Annual Council Meeting and General Election for the term 2009-2012 at Zogal Hall, Zoveng, Churachandpur, Manipur at 1.30PM. Mr. Nengchinlam Zou was elected president of the said association.

Mr. Khaiginlian was elected uncontest as the General Secretary and Miss Man Ennieng @ Niengboi was elected for the post of Finance cum Treasurer.

After the election was completed, The General President of the United Zou Organisation, GHQ Mr. T. Hangkhanpao, MLA conducted a swearing in ceremony of the newly elected leaders.

Votes secured by the presidential candidates are as given below.

Mr. Nengchinlam of Zomi Colony – 42 votes
Mr. Lunginthang @ Ginboi of Hmarveng – 25 votes
Mr. Benzamin Haumuan of Tuibuang – 17 votes.


Pu Nengchinlam      President
Pu Chinkhenpau      Vice President
Pu Khaiminlian      General Secretary
Pu Lalkhawm      Joint Secretary
Pi Man-enniang      Finnance & Treasurer
Pu Zamkhanpao      Secy. Organisation
Pu Thawnglienlal      Secy. Education & Stat.
Pu Nengkhosoi      Secy. Arts & Culture
Pu Kamsuonkhai      Secy. Games & Sports
Pi Niendeichiin      Secy. Women Wing
Pu Donglamthang      Secy. Inf. & Pub.
Pu Kapsuonmung      Secy. Inf. & Pub.

2009 Mission: To revive our education and competitive way of competing.


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