The Black and White of Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi.( ZSP )

Zamkholian Manlun

The new century marked a general transitions for mankind to the “Press Button’’ stage of technology, that open a new vista (a variety of things that might happen or be possible in the future.) of development that pose several problem that could be solved only by a cleaver brain. So mankind should be prepared to face the new challenge that emerged and will be emerging. This implies setting up of a student body which will be strong enough to face such challenge.

ZSP is a students body   assigned to perform certain task appertain exclusively to education and its pace setting activities. It always  must be a pace setting organization, a centre for educational excellence, development of talents , a body that look forwards to encourage and promote democracy and provide maximum opportunity to utilized human potentials  in bringing up quality Leader.

With an aim to clarify/illustrate the exact duties of a student body and its separation and non interference with any sorts of filthy Indian politics and cunning politicians, let elaborate in black or white the exact aim and duties of a student body & its limitations. No doubt till date due to ignorance and false guidance we have crossed our limitations and have committed mistake over mistakes and involved in dirty and unhygenic politics.

Aims: as a whole any student organisatiion has a  common aim i.e. to promote education and produce quality education. Going  deep in to the context of our community, there ere  certain basic things that we have to involve to . We need  to penetrate down to the grass root and educate the common mass in the field of studies, social issues/evils, ecological issues, constitutional duties and  the  framing of nation as a whole, above all  the deep causes is  to inculcate a sense of humanity in the heart of the new  budding generation.


It is an accepted fact that education give a tremendous changes in human life, the all round development of man’s physical fitness,  mental alertness, moral excellence and social adjustment .

So as to boost education in our society a student organ. Has to play important role  and take up Several functions such as;

Academic activities:

· The foremost duty is to educate the common mass,: taking a great concerns on the literacy condition of our community it is highly necessary to educate the common mass the value and  consciousness   of education ,make sure that all children took their schooling

· Special coaching so far conducted was found helpful, successful and productive and thus it should be continued with better management and higher inspiration with proper motivation better facilities

· Periodical progress reports of school wise or students wise be analysis and further steps be suggested.

· Periodical Inspectional Visit to schools and ensuring proper class room furniture, ventilations, cleanliness, safe drinking water etc are being provided well and sufficient.

· Arrangements of school busses :

· Control fee hikes; Fees status be control in proportionate with the economic condition of our society.

· Better implementation of Govt. Schools in the remote villages in consultants with the high authority of the dist. Education officers.

Literary activities:

So as to boost up or enhance the academic set up. It is recommended to conduct certain literal activities such as:

· General knowledge Quiz competition
· Poetry composition and recitation and essay writings
· Science and social science exhibition
· Debate on burning issues which is found to be educational.

Visual and performing art;

Drama, short play,mime,mimicry, dances, singing, painting competitions,Disc.jockeying, Video jockeying.

Career and guidance :

Students should be  motivated  and inspired with proper guidance and make sure that they follow the right part to their fortune and future.

Ensuring students rights:

Mental and physical tortures on students such as capital punishments, harassments, ragging, verbal tortures, caste and gender discrimination, exploitation must be tackle

· Grievance box be arranged so that any students can share their grievance  and problems.
· ZSP should ensure that all children below 14 yrs be given education and no child be engaged in any manual Labour.
· Should voice Reservation of seats for ST in colleges and universities.
· Proper sanction of scholarships to students by Tribal welfare also be look into.
· Should obliged proper functioning of Primary and Missionary schools in the remote areas/ hill areas.

Physical educational activities:

Organizing of team or individual games such as football, volley ball, long jumps, badminton, chees, mountaineering, tracking, and educational expeditions. Etc.

Besides these students body should made arrangement for certain selected students to participate in science congress, workshops, seminars etc. organized in different levels

Social service activities:

So as to inculcate the sense of humanity and services certain activities must be conducted such as:

· Cleanliness drive
· Adult literacy ( to make them at least read and sign)
· Plantation
· Rally for awareness of global warming, pollution control, aids,

Being framed under provision of UZO it should act under the frame work of its constitutions abiding   strict functions and power with limitations.

· All activities should be in concern with our parent Orgn. UZO.
· It should not indulge or guide any students to involve in any political related activities. such as election campaign., strikes, Bandhs,
· ZSP should not have any particular support for any political party in  any parliamentary elections.
· Students body must be totally keep apart from all political issues.
:ZSP has a big role and responsibilities to frame and shape our future. Shaping a child is shaping our future. I should say that we are quite slow in  our move, US ARMY shout in the war field ..MOVE… MOVE.. so lets  move now …

… children of  tomorrow ,stand tall for your future in blooming…coz Our Lord has start turning his face upon us.

Above all our main emphasis will be
“ only Education and education only’’


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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