ZKT Vol. No. VIII, Issue No. VIII | June 7-13, 2009

The Face of the Zou Metropolitan Society

It is an unfortunate fact that most of our elders could not see the reason of our pawlpi’s (Student and Social) tragic illness- that is the frequent clashes and the cold war type terrorist disturbance in our society. Even worse some elder had planted seeds of “Revenge and hatred” toward the pawlpi’s and its leaders. Verbal punch are so frequent and deep rooted in our society. Each and every individual is getting tired of this tragic illness, but could not shun them totally. No word I found it befitted, can express its actual horrible state and its dreadful consequences. It seems there is no intellect individual to protect and shield us in this civilized age.

The root cause of the internecine feuds, in my humble opinion is, ideology difference and egoism of our elders. The Pre-ZOD Zou society had its share of moderate, political and cultural revolutionary and extremist type of ideologies as well, but the Post-ZOD Zou society is facing an outburst of a new unwanted ideology i.e. Clan-ism and Egoism. Unfortunately, our present soci-political environs are contaminated with petty minded people who further sectarian, clannish and dialectal feeling to secure power, boast his-self and show supremacy. Giving no regard to our forefather ideals of Zou unity, our parents body needs of intellectual individual and not to forget the timeless ideologies of our pioneer in Delhi. Swapping side for the sake of one clan leader and verbal punch of our leaders have become the order of our day.

Some so called Zou lover intended to leads his juniors by means of violence, propagating propaganda about the identity of our leaders, asking the faith of one is brewing up in our society. It’s really hateful when people ask about one real identity,  this should not be practice in the future and especially in drunkenness. We all love Zou and there is no question about it. Well, it is always better late than never, we should be optimistic rather than pessimist and should learned from the simple Zoudawn people on how they well organized their society and in all how humble they were in their opinion and idea.

During my recent tour to some Zodawn village like Phaibem, Lunmual, Kullian etc. I found out how these people well organized their socio-political and religious welfare. No idealism and ego clash. The villages chief and elders was always ready to sacrifices their ego and ideals for the betterment of their society and villages. Can not our elders learn something from these people. ? Our society in Delhi revolves around personalities of some elder who may either be charismatic or clan- Leader. It is time that the students and elders must learned egocentric, clan-centric and sectarianism would not awaken and rise our community. It is time we must learned clannish and dialectal feeling of work will leads us nowhere in this metropolitan city. And it is time Zou intellectual come out and ponder this issue, and every individual should come in the mainline to accelerated the process of our society in transition. May be we fall once so low, but let us see how high we can rise in the future. Ka thang e…




My brothers and sisters of the Zou community, it is high time that we all realize what is right and what is wrong. It is high time that we all try to learn and promote inclusive unity amongst the entire Zou community rather than indulging ourselves in muscle flexing and intimidating our fellow Zou brothers over the phone or sms without disclosing own name and identity and that too with malafide intention to promote sectarian unity within the Zou community on the basis of clan, religion et al.  If we cannot live in unity as one community and keep fighting amongst ourselves and try to prove this or that clan or person is better than this or that clan or person, there will be no end to it simply because men are born equal even though each individual may grow and achieve differently.

All civilize Zou person must know that, as on today, there is no organization other than UZO, ZYO, ZSP and ZLS to govern and administer the affairs of the Zou community for their social, cultural and literary development. Therefore, whether one like it or not, every Zou member is duty bound to subscribe and support the aforesaid organizations if one is civilize and sensible enough to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, genuine and fake, inclusive unity and sectarian unity etc. etc. Therefore, every sensible Zou person having self-respect and understanding the need for unity as one Zou community should neither allowed himself/herself to be misled by any one into beliving that any other Zou organization exist nor subscribe to the activity of any person or group of persons as such organization, directly or indirectly.

Now, if one is an educated youth belonging to the Zou community, one must know that it is right to ask “What have we done in the name of ZSP? But it is wrong to ask “What you have done in the name of ZSP?  If one feels that the present Executive Body of the ZSP is somehow wanting in any respect, the right thing to do for an educated Zou youth is to tender constructive advice and not to criticize. After all, the Executive Body of the ZSP or for that matter that of ZYO, UZO and ZLS are elected for a certain term and one can always elect a better team the next time round, a better team that will strive to promote inclusive unity and welfare of the entire Zou people as one unified community But certainly not a team that will endeavour to promote sectarian unity within the Zou community. I hope I made my point clear.

To conclude, I must mention that every educated Zou youth must understand that the ZSP, DB do bring out from time to time, a pamphlet/journal/magazine titled “Zokuomthawn” depending upon the availability of material, need and to some extent convenience of the Editorial Board. Therefore, it may be perhaps justifiable to some extent if one complains about the irregularity or sub-standard contents of any issue. If one feel it so, one should proffer suggestions for improvement in this regard instead of criminally threatening any particular member of the Editorial Board to not bring out further issues of the pamphlet/journal/magazine. Let us all remember that violence begets violence and no issue can be solve by means of violence.

Tuajiehin, Zou Tangval te, Thou Un Thou Un Thou Un, Tung Sun Ni jong Vanlai gei jouta. Lawm leh Gual ten jong IAS, IPS, IFS etc. sem jeng jung ta uh, Eite Hei a Bangchi den?

– Khakhai Zou, President ZYO Delhi Branch



WELCOME BACK: ZSP Delhi Branch Secretary, Pa Ginshanglien Samte  nnlang a bawl ding poimaw nei a vapei zuai, i nua ha in Delhi ah vom gepsa’n hing tungtou kiata, tualeh Tv. Khaibiak zong innlang a bawl ding poimaw tuam tuam nei in va kikhaw suh zuol, sizoupoh hawp zou in Delhi ah Monday June 1 ni’n hing tung kiata. Tualeh Pastor SK Mung zong a sanggampa luongdamsa vui jou in Delhi damtah in hing tung kiata.

FRESHERS’ LIST ZOPNA: 27. David Chinlunlal, 28. Nh. Ronika Vungmuankim, 29. Thangminlun, 30. Pauzamuan, 31. Benjamin Khupminthang, 32. Ginkhanmang, 33. Nh. Sawnneiching.

FIRST IN PAST: ZYO DB President Pu Tanu Ngaineihoi @ Hoiboi, Holy Child Auxilium akai in tukim Class X first in jou. Pi Chinkhannem tanu Marina Thiemngaimoi in zong cl-XII 1st div in najou kia. ZSP in ikipapi thu i puong uhi

THUMPI DING: Lienching leh Letboi nu, Pi Ngaikhanmang w/o Mangsuonthang Cancer damlou Delhi Push Vihar a atapa Paukhanlien Inn H/No. 8A, Type B, Sector IV, Saket ah etkol in um. Thumpi zing vai.

ANAAHGU MU: I na genman nailou uh ZSP DB Adviser Pu Khamkhanchin @ Chinpu in a Adviserpi dinga Pi Chingneijem @ Jejem ava maidoh na tungah ZSP DB in ikipapi thu vaigei nanleh nasatah in ipuonkhum uh ahi.

PI IRENE ZIN JELTA: Pi Zolengthe chi’a Zosuon khovel in a thei Pi Irene Tungnung janni June 6, 2009 ni’n Siliguri a a pienpi Thailand te toh kimu dingin ana zin suh vingveng kiata. Pu Zolengthe lunghel in Siliguri lam galdot vung vung mai.
INNLANG THUTHANG: Apeisa 24th May 2009 in Singngat a um Tv Khamminlian S/o (L) Alawm singngat Electrict in manlum a athaini’n Singngat ah mualliam, Pilvang vai..!


Ningkum May 30,2008 ni’a Behiang kho phahkuon a moto truck tuosie a shite Mangmuanhang (30) S/o Ngulminthang of Tonjang, Mr. Hangdoumang @ Hangdou (35) S/o Ginkhanpau of Suangphu, Nengzamuan (47) S/o Chinthuam of Pahmual te thei zingna ding in Janni June 6, 2009 ni’n Behiang khuo ah Behieng ZYOte pahlahna toh ZYO GHQ President Pu Kapneithang in ahonna nei.


ZSP Toppers | Pasal sang in Numei siamzaw la aw!

1. Nh. Sylvia Lhingnunmoi Munluo in Zou MIL topper HSLC 2009 la a Mark 90/100 mupha hi, tualeh a Grand total percent 88:84% tungpha a ZSP HSLC topper hiding hi.
2. Nh. Marina Thiemngaimoi in zong CBSE nuai Class XII ah Arts ah ZSp topper 2009 la a percent 84:88% tungpha hi.
3. Nh. Niensuanching D/o Dr. Dongkhanlal, Singngat in zong CHSEM nuai ah ZSP Science topper hina la hi.
4. Nh. Ruthy Mandeiching d/o, Chinkhanthang Tuibuang in Class XII Zou MIL topper hina lahi.

Pasal sang in numei gual tung tuang in siem zaw hi. Hunpeisa te ah zong numei ma na loching zaw bang hi. Nidang a ZSp topper te I en suh ding.

Class X ZSP Topper:

1. Tv. Gouminlun
S/o (L) Sialchinlian Singngat 2005.
2. Tv. Ginkhankhup Munluo
S/0 Tuallianmang Singngat 2008

Class X Zou MIL topper.

1. Nh. Hoisuankim
d/o Zamkhokai, Singngat 2004
2. Nh. Bibiana Niangboi
D/o (L) Dr. Lampu 2003

Class XII ZSP Topper

1. Nh. Rualboi Samte D/o Thianzakhai Singngat in Arts ah Manipur top 5 hina nala hi.
2. Tv. Thangsuansang Munluo in 2009 in Arts ah Manipur top 10 in pangpha hi.
Date based on memory ahizieh in kithei kimlou a hinanleh numei te ma lekhalam ah siamzaw uhi.


June apat in ZSP Study Forum Members zousia in  National Insitute for Competitive studies (NIFCS) ah ki enrolled siang theita ua, Monday-Friday teng in Math, English leh Reasoning Class nei ding ua ha teng in Stipend zong munalai ding uhi. Tua chiang in angei bang in Saturday  teng in Study Forum Hall ah General studies clas nei gige uhi. Tuaban ah ZSp mi leh sa sepna tuam tuam a sem te’n I ZSP Library (Motto:  “Enter to grow in wisdom, Go out to serve humanity”) uh zong na hing phungvuh na zal un tutan in Library piching suathei ta hi. Nou te leh pasian tung ah ZSP Delhi Branch leh ZSP Study Forum min in kipathu ka hing gen uhi.
Sye Kamlianlal,

Co-Ordinator ZSP Study Forum.
Note: ZSP Study Forum and ZSP Library is our generation Lagacy to the khangsawn momnous.


Class X & Class XII ZSP Result

CBSE, BSEM, CHSEM in pawl 10 leh 12 te result inuaha in suakhe ta ua tam hun a ei Delhi ZSP members lochinna neite tam bang hi uhi.

Class X:

1. Sylvia Lhingnunmoi Munluo, Ist Div. BSEM
d/o, Pu Ginzasuan Munluo, Z/Colony
2. Mercy Chingbiakkim, Ist Div. BSEM
d/o Pu P. Zamkholal, KDVeng
3. Ronika Vungmuankim, Ist Div. BSEM
4. Ngaineihoi Ist Div, CBSE
d/o, Pu Khakhai Zou, Delhi

Clas XII:

1. Marina Thiemngaimoi, Ist Div.
d/o. Nu Chiinkhannem, Delhi
2. Ruth Nemneikim, Ist Div. CHSEM
d/o Pu Lienminthang, Z/Colony
3. T. Thangminlien Zou, Ist Div, CHSEM
s/o Pu T Tuanzagou, Daijang


(ZKT in a Interview khah teng)

Tuni tan in Zokuomthawn in inam sung leh inam mite a ding a phatuam thei ding lamkai tuam tuam, siamna sangtah nei leh inam in akihi sahpi mi phabep na houlimpi ta hi. Amaute:

1. Dr. David Lalpi Zou, Research Scholar, UK
2. Pu Hangkhanpau, President UZO
3. Pu Letkhogin Haokip, IPS
4. Pu Liansuankap, General Secretary UZO
5. Pu Kamkhanpau ( ZDV C-in C).
6. Delimitation toh kisai a UZO lamkaite interview na kibawl.
7. KSO Delhi Rally in lamkai tuam tuam interview kibawl a report dan in kipei sah hi.
8. Nh. Precisla Hoipi (Miss ZSP Delhi 2008).
9. Silvya Lhingnunmawi, Class X Zou MIL Topper 2009.


1. SSC (CPO) post; 2153 exam form kihawm lelel, Last date: June 26, Exam date: 06/09/09. Eq: Graduate.
2. 2. Punjab Bank Clerk, management trainee post 300 val form kihawm, Last date: June 30. EQ: Graduate.
3. EPFO Social Security Asstt. Post 2393 form kihawm, Last date July 08, 2009. EQ: Graduate. Lunglut na neiten bawl thei zing ahi, numei te’n zong bawl thei a numei a ding seat atuam in umnalai hi.


Tuni June 7, 2009 nai 5:30pm in ZSP Zum (Office) Pa Khakhai Zou Inn ah ZSP Executive body meeting um ding. Koipou akisaipi teng pangkim chiat ding in i ki chiel un i ki theiah uhi. Agenda: ZSP Fresher’s Meet, Kalaisai Sport etc.
-Secretary, ZSP DB

U Ask We Answer.!

Q: ZYO Fund kana pieh ding e, Koi koi in apieh ding..? .- Cblun Gurgaon>
A: ZYO fund Delhi NCR a Zou ta um ( agawng, athau, a vom akang, amelsia amelhoi) zousia in apieh ding ahi. ZYO Fund leh ZSP Membership fee na pia ngei ngei ding ahi.

Q: ZSP Study Forum peidan nang hil thei diai?- Lunte
Q: ZSP Study Forum a koi teng pang theila.?- Khukhup
A; ZSP Study Forum ah Math kihil a, ha 1 in GS class 1 vei um a, tua ban ah Group Discusion leh interview adin Zou sung a Officer leh scholar te hing pei zel zel uhi kiginni teng nai 4 in Class kinei hi. ZSP Study Forum ah ZSP members zousia a nuam ta pou pang thei hi. ZSP member lou pangphal nailou phot.

Q: DU cut-off list bang hun a sua ding e? – Miriamme Zou.
A; June 25 in first cut-off list, June 30 in Second, July 4 in third cut-off list sua ding hi. Tualeh July 9 ah 4th list.

Note: Tutung in dohna mumal lou “ Backpacking a hero nu Chingboi toh nou a ki ngai chi dan deu maw?” hing lut, Ka students te hi e guai- Zumhuai sim, dohdi tamza lai ah.. Next issue apat tambang dohna ki tolerate lou ding hi. Pilvang in ahoilam ah kithua khawm vai Maikoi.

U ask at 9873997403, We anser at ZKT



* Delhi Zou te akipilsak vive..kiniamkhiat na toh ang kimot sah chiang un khantouna umpanva. – Pastor Lalpu.

* Pasian gualjol na toh mi kitam sim thouta in buhsi lebutah kithei khen jou nonlou hi. Hujieh in malam a conspiracy a um lou na di’n Zou lamkai d khat phot2 Tribe certificate verify kibol masa le hilou e.? – Dr. Zoukulmut

* I nurse te uh nuhjou lou mawh.. Zkt sponsor a um ta lawm sih un. – Hanglamthang.

* Delhi a Zou nungah khat poupou kung ah ka number kan le chin na mu sih diai.
-Tv. S. Mung’s- A.

* Thangchon tournament adi’n  ZSP player te iki singsah ngaita hive aw..
– Thalun (Games &Sport Secy)

*Zokuomthawn sponsor ding kimaimaw sim ve aw, kei zia ata diai.-Editor.

* Ken khutkoi mut leng thum tah hing kitawm lut na ven.
-Tv. Upau  ( Games & Sport Sect. ZSP)

* Zkt sponsor ding umlou e “ kei emergency a di’n hing koi ua”. Nh. Naomi.

*Midang na mujou lou uleh ken sponsor ta veng.- Nh. Chingzavung.

* Kei June ha sponsor din hing koi ve ua. – Nh. Precisla Miss Fresher 2008

*Ken zong ka sum nei chia hing sponsor pia vang aw. Nh Ruth Miss ZSp Golden Jblee (R)

* Ei pi Editorial board ten ang gen chiang ua sponsor ding a mansa e vele.. Nh Dimngai (Cultural Secy). (Dim..! Koipen inla- Muan)

* LTTE lamkai pa Prabakaran sih kana puanat koidan. Nh. Nunhoi.

* I nam sugenthei, suhmual phou le simmaw a, a omlouna di’n Sangnaupang te’n laisim kipan thak kit mong2 ni uh.
-Sir Kamlianlal, Co-Ordinator

*ZSP Kalaisai Sport chia Zoulun wrestling a ka chou di hi. Nh. Haunu

* Ken zong ka pay hoitah a kang la chiang in aw… Nh. Siamnu.

*Kalungkham tulai nisat dan, sa seng in ki HOT thaang tave aw. Mint Noida.

* Kang miscall leh Ann na netai china aveh.. Nh. Nuanuam (Hisih I miss u china hizo va- Editor)

* Kou Maharani bagh te nang manghil uh maw… Nh. Grace Miss fresher 2007.

*Miss Freshers kiteel chiang in Editor Pu a Judges in pangsah non sih ua..
– Tv. Kapmuan

* Lateel te sau deu deu in hing gel ta ua, nunlui hing phong sah.. Nh. Rosy.

* I hate when those errorist question me on my work, identity and dialect. Hausienmuan.

*ZSP lamkaite taupi hite.. Nh. Nempi Manchuang.

*ZSP Freshers nungah tampi’n hing mu man lou didan atave ualeh, dahuoi eh ka Mumbai pei di zong. – Zamminlun

Lateel..! Leel Aw!

*Phung dang chang din kahin phalpoi, phat tin na kawm Munirka a um kanom. – Doukhanmang
* Zamana chor denge hum agar tum mil jao..  – Goulun Gurgaon.
* Miscall khak p bagi leiba mobile lou, paisa leitere d mobile yonlo. – Nh. Deiboi
* Koi pa khat vei jol a koinom dem.. Mangneo
*Kho ngaiven khongai ven hing ngai ung…Nu Chongpi Guite



Nh. Nuampi of Munirka & Nh. Rosy Zou te kiphalna zieh a tutung ZKT mel etlawm tah mai i sim thei uh ahi. ZKT Editorial board in ZSP thatang in a tung uah kipa thu kigen hi. Mi dangte sanga a sponsore masa nuom i um leh bang chilai pou in 9873997403 ah ki thei sah the ahi. – – Editors


Disclaimer: Zokuomthawn a news leh article kisuo khen khat Editorial Board leh ZSP Delhi Branch ngaidan ahi vate sihi.


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