ZSP GHQ in June 13, 2009 chiengin ZSP lah a laisiem leh tungtuongte pahtawina vaiguon thupitah in Zomi Colony, Lamka ah nei ding uh. Tamna award hawm dingte ahileh:

Rev T Doupu Award | Cl-X Zou MIL toppper
Pu Thangkhanlal Award | ZSP Cl-X topper.
Pi Vungkhoching Award | ZSP members if any among the Manipur Top 10 in Cl-X.
Kapu Saipu Award | Cl-XII Zou MIL topper.
Pu Suohzahau Award | ZSP Cl-XII topper.


Pu Nengchinlam      President
Pu Chinkhenpau      Vice President
Pu Khaiminlian      General Secretary
Pu Lalkhawm      Joint Secretary
Pi Man-enniang      Finnance & Treasurer
Pu Zamkhanpao      Secy. Organisation
Pu Thawnglienlal      Secy. Education & Stat.
Pu Nengkhosoi      Secy. Arts & Culture
Pu Kamsuonkhai      Secy. Games & Sports
Pi Niendeichiin      Secy. Women Wing
Pu Donglamthang      Secy. Inf. & Pub.
Pu Kapsuonmung      Secy. Inf. & Pub.

2009 Mission: To revive our education and competitive way of competing.


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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