Pate Ni | Delhi Zou papi um teng

Father’s Day festival is considered extremely important as it help acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and to societies as large. Besides observance of Father’s Day provide children an opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers. The sentiment goes a long way in strengthening father-child relationship and consequently in the emotional development of a child.

01. Pa Khakhai Zou, Vasant Vihar
02. Pa Philip Thanglianmang, GK-II
03. Pa Khamchinpau Zou, DU N/Campus
04. Pa Hauliankap, Safdarjung
05. Pa Pastor S. K. Mung, Vasant Vihar
06. Pa M. Soichinmang, Munirka
07. Pa John Jamkhomang, Gurgaon
08. Pa Zamlunmang, Munirka
09. Pa Lunminthang, Gaziabad
10. Pa Rev GK Samte, Palam Vihar
11. Pa Pastor Kamsuanlal, Munirka
12. Pa Chinliansiem, Dilsad Garden
13. Pa Ginzalun, Munirka
14. Pa Haupu, Munirka
15. Pa Khamkhanchin, Vikaspuri
16. Pa Thangkhosiam, Munirka
17. Pa Hauzalian, Malkaganj
18. Pa David Lamlunlal, Munirka
19. Pa Mike Lianminlun, Munirka
20. Pa Hanglunlal, Munirka
21. Pa Thangkhanmung, Safdarjung
22. Pa Paulienhang, Munirka
23. Pa Pauminlun, Chaula
24. Pa Jimmy Munluo, Gurgaon
25. Pa Kakap, Gurgaon
26. Pa Thongkhanthang, Munirka
27. Pa Ginshanglian, Munirka
28. Pa Thangsuankhup, Gurgaon
29. Pa Richard Liannou, Vikaspuri
30. Pa Khamliannang, Vikaspuri
31. Pa L. K. Samte, Paharganj
32. Pa Limginlal Mantuang, Munirka
33. Pa James Mamang, Munirka
34. Pa Khaisuan, Chaula
35. Pa Hautungnungpau, Munirka
36. Pa Ginliankhup, Noida
37. Pa T.Kamkholun, North Delhi
38. Pa Hauminlun, Saket
39. Pa Paukhanlian, Pushpa Vihar
40. Pa Lalminthang, Gurgaon

Note: Thei kha lou leh amin gelkhiel kha um thei ahiman in tuate a um leh ki theisah vei e.


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