ZKT Vol.No. VIII, Issue No.IX, June 21-28, 2009

Come and Join ZSP Study Forum “Look UPSC policy”.

ZSP in buaina tuam tuam zia in Shangshie na chaan nanleh tu in senior’s students  te hing kipe khe zung zung tamai uhi. Amaute’n asiamna subject chiat uah Class tam anuai a bang in hing la ta ding uhi.

May-June :    Sie Kamlianlal ( Indian Polity and Constitution).
July :     Shie Lawrence Khenmang (History)
August :    Shie Mangkholun ( Geography leh Economy)
September :    Shie Khaibiak ( Science)

Koipou NDA, CDS, Bank Probationary officer Exam, CPO/ CPI (Asst. Commandant leh Sub-Inspector), Income Tax, Bank Clerical grade, Nursing Entrance leh Civil Services exam pe dingte pang chiat ngeingei ding a ZSP Delhi Branch leh ZSp Study Forum min a theisah leh ngetna hi uhi. I pawlpi lamkai te’n ei phatuamna ding thil sai ua pang peihlou a toumun a dem maban a bawl ding a dei huai non sih hi. Hing pang in nang ading leh I pawlpi hatsem na ding in.

Shie Kamlianlal, Co-Ordinator. ZSP Study Forum. For quaries contact 9564684041



Q: This is my humble suggestion, zokuomthawn coverage on General knowledge needs to be enhanced. Also, it would be helpful if you present it in point forms. Thanks – Nh. Miriamme Zou.
A: Thanks Miriamme for sending us your words of aspiration as it really inspires us. As far as your suggestion about General knowledge is concerned we totally agree with them. But you know we are lack of space. May be in the future zokuomthawn will come up with some innovative concepts. (Lets Hope).

Q: DU OMR (Registration) ah Income certificate poimaw naisih maw?- Apashang.
A: He, Poimawh nai tazen sih ei. Hileh Jong thei ding DU cut-off list sua chiang in Du pia College itang khan a pen pen ah mahni college form zang in admission bawl hi ding a tuahun ah na original certificate teng: Cl-X and Cl-XII; original/provisional certificate, Marksheet, tribe and income certificate, Character certificate, Clas-X Admit card poimaw ding hi. Tam nah Tribe certificate chilou adang certificate teng board a ahi ding hi. Tualeh Mahni school (High School pawl X simna) ah Cl-VIII tan Hindi simna Hindi Certifcate la a nei tei tei ding ahi, tam umlou in College khenkhat in admission bawl phal lou hi.

Q: ZSP in 2009 sung in bang sepkhiat sawm anei ei?- Jangminlal.
A: ZSP in 2009 sung in: 1. Fresher’s meet kituatah in mansawm, 2. ZSP Kalaisai Sport a nuam bangpen in zahsawm, 3. Zokuomthawn tungtawn in student leh members te thei ding a poimaw leh phatuam nasatah a piahbe ding. 4. ZSp Study Forum hatsah sem ding, 5. zokuomthawn website piching suasah ding. 6. ZSP T-Shirt bawl hi ding, adang kagenbeh n alai diei..?

Q: Nungah melhoi kamu chiang in ka lekhasim hing buaisah zel, bangchi leh tawpthei ding e?- Khukhup.
A: Nungah teng Amrish Puri et in en inlen, Johny Level dan in ngaituah in, Osama bin laden bang in gel lechin phava chi ing.
U ask at 9873997403, we answer at zokuomthawn.



Nungah fel tiiutiau, Munirka a um Chingzavung @ Chia d/o Pu Hauchinthawng of Zoveng in i nua sawtnailou in RML Hospital ah Staff Nurse  sepna mutha. ZSP Delhi Branch leh Zokuomthawn in nasatah in kipahpi thu iphuang hi. Staff Nurse kibehzel, Zkt sponsor ding pung himai.

ZSP Delhi in na lawchina tungah nasatah in ka hing kipapi uhi. Maban ah hing lawching sem ding in ka hing deisah uhi. – Editorial Board


>> Freshers Zopna: 36. Pauzamuan



Zou sunga ding in I pawlpi’n website piching khat kinei vetvawt a, tam in I sungthu zokuomthawn news vannuai khovel ah thezah zing hi. Munchin a um USA, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India Israel a Zousuan umte apat in zong comment kimu zung zung hi. Zokuomthawn site etkhiatna amasa in wordpress zang in na kinei a hani sung in visitors/viewer 5600 val pha hi. Tun website piching nei ding ihita, ZSP Fresher’s meet, Kalaisai sport, ZSP Study Forum lim leh thute etthei pei ta ding. Tualeh ZKT issue kimtah in etthei ding (2004 apat issue teng) a, ZKT sponsor na bawl kha teng leh ahing bawl dingte, ZSP Study Forum a dinga kiphal tah a laibu, sum leh van tuam tuam tuate zong alim uh ZKT website ah kikoi ding hi.Tam ZKT web hosting ading in Pu Zamlunmang the “Zou’s Web Crusader” in pan nasatah in la hi. Tam web hosting adi’n kiphal tah in Nh. Vungneiniang leh Nh. Ngaineikim te’n hing sponsor piah ding uhi. Coming Soon!!


Tutung Zokuomthawn Sponsore te

Zokuomthawn sponsore di mi kiphal leh tawmngai ki pung hiei hiei. Tunitan a ki tasam lou a asponsore ding ZSP mi kiphal i um zing man un Editorial Board in a sponsore sate, tutung a sponsore te leh maban a hing sponsore nalai dingte tungah nuomthu kitun hi.

Tutunga hing sponsore pia ahileh Nu Amanda Manlun, Munirka leh Nh. Angela Kimlunching  te ahi. A kia chienga di book theita chi uh!



“Pa neite ding in Pa poimawna leh amanphatna thei ahamsa hi“ – Obama


Senpa’n momnou zuo mel mu lou,
Tunnu’n anglai nau bang hing pom e;
Lai ah na sa’ng sangga zuo pomkha lou,
Zal mang laukha’n ka sieng hing kawm ve aw;
Sangga momnou in lung zuon man in,
Vaimang siemsil tung a tutkhawl,
Tong kup theilou na sahmel vel vel veng e.

Zuo aw tuong nung na’ng sia apa’n,
Na min thei bang lou lou veng e;
Lou chim la’ng e, pienna ka zuo aw,
Tuong nung na’ng sie apa’n;
Vangkhuo limlien sausuon dai in damta e,
Mim bang pienna ka it tuunnu toh;
Tuonglam sa bang vaimaw ung e.

Pienna tuun-le-laizom teng toh,
Sangga genlieng siel siel ding a;
Zuo aw tuong nung na’ng sie a hiei?
Zuo aw tuong nung na’ng sieh apa’n,
Sen puseite’n sen momnou paibang pom vang;
Sien ni-nu toh sawn momnou sangga paibang pom vang chi e.

Sen puseite’n sawn momnou pai bang pom e,
Pai bang pom in, sawn momnou siel bang sangga kile in;
Tuun lungzuong leh laizom teng nun in nuom e.
Tuun lungzuong mu bang ka ngai ma’n,
Von momnou in mal bang kou kou ing e;
Tuun lungzuong simlei-le-thangvan kal ah mubang laam in,
Tuonglam zawtlou, India khopi Delhi tuol ah nga bang leng ta e.

Sangga momnou kiil bang khang in,
Tuun lungzuong leh deizawn angkawi lianu toh;
Saunuom sungah hou lung kum e,
Kum chimlou e, nuichiem leel in;
Nunnuom laituol leeng leeng ung e.

By T Zamlunmang Zou
(Dedicated to my father (L) Rev. Kamzakhup) in particular and all the Papas in general.



@ People are unreasonable, illogical and self centered”. Love them anyway.
@ If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterion motives”.  Do good anyway.
@ If you are succesfull, you will win false friends and true enemies”. Succed anyway.
@ Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable”. Be honest and frank anyway.
@ The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow”. Do good anyway.
@ The biggest people with the biggest mind can be shot down by the smallest mind”. Think big anyway.
@ People favour under dog but follow only top dogs”. Fight for some under dogs anyway.
@ What you spent years building may be destroyed overnight”. Bbuild anyway.
@ Give the world (ZSP) the best you have and you will get kicked in the teeth”. Give the world the best you have anyway.

– Nh. Naomi Muanching, Staff Nurse



1). UBI Asst. Manager recruitment vacancies: 550. Lst Date: 11/07/09. Date of Exam: 06/09/09. EQ: Graduate.

2). Central Bank PO Vacancies: 1275 Online registration. Last Date: 06/07/09. Date of Exam: 16/08/09. EQ: Graduate.

3). Indian Bank Clerks: Last Date: June 27, 2009. Vacancies: 1750. Online registration at http://www.bankofindia.com. Qualification: 10+2.

4). SC-CPO (Sub-Inspector) Vacancies:2153. Last Date: June 26,2009. http://www.ssc.nic.in ah detail et thei. EQ: Graduate.

5). CSIR nuai ah Section Officer Vacancies: 43, Executive Asst. Vacancies:(90). Employment News 20-26 June. EQ: Graduate. Source ZSP Study Forum-Cum-Library.



ZKT last issue a Nh. Merina mark muza 84 percent chi a kisuo pen 89% hizaw ding ahi. A tamzaw akhulah! Congrates once again.



(1). Who is God computer angel, good in number?

(2). The famouse physic “Quantum of physics” was found out by whose Biblical heroes?

Note: First, second and third correct answer will get Rs. 10 recharge coupon each. Send your answer at 9873997403.( Quizzes wholly based on the Bible).



>> Tv. Jouboi S/o Pu Hangkhanpau, zong Sepkiani’n innlang ah na kikho suh ta vong vong. Tualeh Pa Hanglunlal zong innlang vapha zual in ironbah me ne zou inuakal in Delhi hing tung kiata. Nh. Nuampi nau zong innlang ah lai lavuonna nei zuai din lengsuh.

>> JK MANLUN The great lyricist, Pu M. Zamkholien in ZOZAM CD khat bawljou kia diimdiem in a release masanga ki huha din Delhi ah hing zin. Bhopal phasuo ding chi thutut kija.



How Do I Served My People?
“I add something special to Mannu life”

The day before the Easter Sunday 2009, I caught a bus to come to Lamka from Singngat. Since it was going to take around one and half hours to reach my destination. I had brought a book along to read on the way. I boarded the bus and sat down on my seat (Number 23) and next to me (Number 24) sit a man from my own village. After settling in, I began to read. The man who sat beside me was a middle aged man who cannot read or write, hailing from Behiang village and settling at Singngat for his childrens education. As soon as the bus moved he started talking with the man sitting behind us. Some ten minutes later, he was done and then for want of anything else to do, started peering into the book I was reading.

In between turning pages, I caught him looking at my book. I looked at him and before I could say anything, he asked me: “ Na laibu sim bang tangthu e?”. I told him tha book’s name and give him an outline of the plot. He seemed quite interested in getting to know the whole story. So, I told him the whole story again with some more details up till the point that I had read it. He seemed a little unhappy that I couldn’t tell him the entire story. He asked me if the same book will be found in Churachandpur. I told him it was possible. He said: “ Ka neulai apat Mahatma Gandhi tanchin kaza, aban kathei be ut hi”. I smiled and told him that even my grandfather do that. A little later, he turned to me with a piece of paper and asked me to write down the name of the book’s. I obliged, and write “ My experiment with truth an Autography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi”. And told him that it was written by Mahatma himself and told him that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was his full name.

Curious, I asked him why he wanted the book’s details. He told me that he had a daughter name “Mannu”, who was in Class-IX at St. Joseph School Singngat and that he wanted his daughter to read good books and become “Big” in the future. I told him I knew Mannu well and she is bright and told him to encourage her to read not only her school subject but also read from some out book. We reached our destination (Lamka) and went in our separate ways. But that illiterate man thrist for knowledge, make me wonder the whole day and I began hunting the book’s myself in every book store in Churachandpur but could not found it at all.

The day I pack my luggage for Delhi. I called Mannu to my house and present the book’s (My own book) to read for herself and to read it to her father. Forty days has passed since I reached Delhi and on June 14, 2009 evening I got one STD call from Home: “Na laibu simnop huai kasa mama hi,…, a English katheilou tam hileh jong ka phat tuampi hi..blah..blah.blah..!”. Mannu thanked me that day for my book and I knew my small contribution did bear fruits, its make Mannu happy and satisfied her father. And I smiled, and all sort of hometown memories haunt me and I began to miss my hometown.

Serving and loving the Zou (Our nation/ tribe) doesn’t only mean donating one Volleyball, football  or donating money. Its also means helping its people, helping the Zou down-trodden people, its also means adding something special to someone’s life in our own small way. At times we needn’t do a lot to know all. All we need is a little patience and we might end up adding something special to someone’s life. I hope to run someday into Mannu again and tell her, under the moonlit night, the story of the new book I have read from beginning to end, “The Quest for freedom and dignity”.

Note: This articles was write up in respond to the call and sms received from 9990855126  on June 4, 2009, about the work I have done for the Zou’s people. BEIZAIH!

– Hausienmuon



*Nungak toh kisai kha vet lou ing a, kua hel ding chi jong theilou hiveng aw. Hel utleh akua chu thei thou. – Tv. Hanglamthang.

* ZSP freshers meet zong kimang man nonlou maithei ahi..  – Nh. Nuampi.

* Nungah ten a interview chiang in bangchi bang tangval na dei ei chi’n na dong paipai sih diei?  – Tv. Gogou.

* Zokuomthawn Editor uthuai na e, nungah melhoi hoi ki interview kha ding. Tv. Mung-a.

* Zokuomthawn sponsor na ding sum hing kila aw.. Nh. Kikim.

* Zokuomthawn sponsor na ding ka nupa un khatvei be chance hing pe sam ve ua. – Nu Amanda Manlun

* Khatvei zokuomthawn ah Love song naldeu hit khat kiteel leh ka ut na e.. Tv Hangkhanlam.

* Ka umna uh kum khat pha ding hita tua zokuomthawn a hing kisua pan va duam.. – Nh. Anjila.

* Daijangling (Darjaling) kava haw uh nu.. anop dan bawngnoi kikham eh…
-Nu Irengthe( Irene)

* Tangval khat in kum 4 vel hing vata, a kum 4na tui nou 1 kisawh pieh hauh, akinem na diei le? – Nh. Dimngai

* Sarai Juliana te’n ZSP Kalaisai Sport Anthem na phuo uleh a “ A Rock and Roll” te aw. – Goulun Gungal.

* Zokuomthawn subscribe thaw moh sponsor poimaw? – Nh. Lieutenant Nenei.

* Fresher’s meet ni chiang in freshers te ka khaam sa hing tu tu aw.. Tv. Lunkang.

* Keichi pen na khaam vial oh… Tv Mangboi.

*  Zoulei machiang khankhuo ka khual man hisih ta maizen leh nunnuam laitual vabang leng sam ding hiveng maw. Machiang khankhuo kakhual man in tuang ka tungma’n tawl nga lou ding.Zoulunmang aw lungbang hing sung ven. – Ginshanglian.

* Pupa satsa ZSP lunlai sawm dang suan din a lawm ei maw.. Zou tangbang hing dam unlen pupa sulnua machiang khankhuo hing zuun aw. – Zokuomthawn.

* Noute gel na ha sanneemla sih uai leh. – Nh. Maman Fincepi ZSP D/b.

* Tulai ka sam kipot fuh ngei lou in tuazieha ka tan tom tittet hi. – Hausienmuan

* Tulai ham leh pau, kammal zah dan pil vang ngai e, tui taakhat in tuipi suo, meisel khat in gammang katam, kamsuo themchili khat in i nam zial tom thei hi ei. – Zoulun


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