ZYO/DB Finance Secy. apat theisahna

Delhi & NCR sunga Zou ta um zousia’n tu July hasung ngei a ZYO General Fund ahithei tan a pekim chiet ding in iki theisah uhi. Tam ZYO GF pen donzaw ahi chiengin min list bawlna leh directory zong ngaisut ding chi ahi. Tua ahiman in fund na pieh chiengin na min, nu & pa min, umna leh na contact number hoitah in ana pe dingin iki ngen hi. Area chin a fund dongte:Munirka Area – Kamlianlal (9654684041)
North Delhi -Khaibiaklian (9911902114)
West Delhi – Thangminlian (9990506502)
Noida – Kamminthang (9716445478)
Gurgaon- Goulun (9899600809)

Finance Secretry
ZYO Delhi branch


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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