Where the Mind is without Fear..!


Free flow of ideas has been basic to the very development of civilisation and society. Exchange of thought contributes to the growth of the individual‘s personality even it helps him or her to understand the society of which he or she is a part, and, perhaps contributes a little to that society. However, complete freedom of expression has never been entertained in any society. But no sane person would disagree if one requires freedom of expression to stop short of abusing or maligning any person or community. Some people clings to the old beliefs: It gives them a sense of security(?): they look with suspicion on anything that might cause a change.
And yet change is essential for a society to be dynamic. Chang can happen in two folds-Push/pull some one or to be push/pull by some one. It is here that our community Bajrang Dal moral police look with suspicion when one talk of change to be pull by someone. With that suspicion some so called thinker or intellectual person started criticism the nationalism view of change and growth without having something positive to offer, condemning the main stream flow without making any positive contribution. Here, Freedom of expression relates to purveying information (Media) and the creative aspect which involves the expression of an individual ideas. It takes a brave individual to speaks out-pour fresh ideas and views uncaring of consequences on a personal level.

If authority/individual bowed to the wishes of each and every individual or group to ban this or that work or writing because it hurts someone, there would come a time where nothing is worth reading and viewing. Of course, everyone has the right to protest if it feels injuried but it is wrong to insist that its views alone should be given important and anything opposing it should not be expressed. In a broad minded class expression of opinion in defence of the pawlpi or nation or its behaviour should be entertained, wheather it is against or in support of any agenda or resolution. But in our society there is someone who clings to the ideas that his or her groups alone can decide what is wrong and what is right, totally oppose the exist of the parent body, thinking that he or she is greater than the General headquater, these thing does not exist in any journalism career and it was not the right way that students response to journalism. They are the true viruses (Nampi khanmoboh)  in our nation building policy and they are equally rigid in the view that nobody has a right to question what is held sacred by their leaders or believers!

In an environment of liberal tolerance there would be freedom of expression for all point of views and room enought for dissent with all oppinions, wheather held by fanatics, intellectuals or the ordinary man from the streets (like myself). The right and wrong of free expression are not absolute. What may be right today or wrong may not be the same tomorrow. Perspective change, social values change: free expression of idea can change those values,and one can only hope the change is for the better.

There is a small right-wing(say), very conservative, fanatic and communal individual in Delhi Zou society and they act like the Bajrang Dal moral police. They do this kind of things (Personal criticism) quite often. They think they are intellect enought but their views or oppinion cannot  penetrate their ethono-centric heart. They shout some small issue for publicity where even our customary law remain silent. And call their opponent betrayal, spies etc etc.. even when they lack the courage to come out from their ethono-centric and communal circle. Lamdang.! . Aban ah them chili khat zopna um nalai    Article Zopna: will end my writing with Tagore poem that always inspire me  “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…, Where knowledge is free, ..Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way,..  my Father, let my country awake” – BEITA!


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