ZSP Delhi Branch election 2009 circular

ZSP DB Executive committee thupuosah leh General Body dated August 2, 2009 in pha asah dungjui in Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi Branch Election ahing tung ding August 30, 2009 Nita lam nai 4:30  chieng in Pu T. Zamlunmang Zou Inn (Zolengthe Saunuom), Munirka ah nei ding chi ahi, tuotoh kisai a thei ding taangpi tam anei bang in talat ahita hi. Election Commissioner di’a guon a umten apoimaw bang in theisahna leh election hing sai tou ta ding uhi.

1.    Tutung Election pen Nomination System (mani kipieh khiet a ki teelna) a zah ding ahi. Teel ding post pen a ut ten Nomination File ahi ding hi. Tam nomination toh kisai a ding a chitna te ahileh:

A)    ZSP DB Bye Law ahi  bang tah a jui  ahi diing hi.
B)    Nomination pen a ut jousie in Nomination Form Election Commissioner te khat poupou kung ahilouleh Net tung tawn a pat bawlthei ahi ding hi.
C)    Koipou Candidate ut tapou in A chitna uh etchienna di’n a Graduation Certificate uleh A lim Passport Size khat a piah angai ding hi.
D)    Last Date of Nomination khu August 25, 2009 ahi ding hi.
E)    Last Date of Withdrawal of Nomination khu August 27, 2009 ahi diing hi.
F)    Secretary pen August 28, 2009 ahi diing hi.
G)    Election khu August 30, 2009 ahi diing hi.

2.    Election na a teel ding khu President, General Secretary leh Finance Cum Tresurer ahi diing hi.

Tam a tung a teng ban ah apoimaw dang a um nahlai a bawl khah lou, bawl khel ahilou leh hichi jodeuleh chi ngaidaan Election Commissioner ten a nei ua ahileh Executive Committee te toh akin thei lam pen in ana ki thu jah ding uhi. (Vide Resolution No.2, ZSPDB EC Dated 7th June 2009 and Resoln. No.2 ABC&D ZSPDB GBM Dated 2nd August 2009.)

Noutoh sem khawm


General Secretary
Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi
Delhi Branch.

Copy to:

1. Pu. Dr David Vumlallian Zou
Chief Election Commissioner
ZSP DB General Election 2009

2. Pu John Jamkhomang
Election Commissioner
ZSP DB General Election 2009

3. Pi Dr Mary Grace Zou
Election Commissioner
ZSP DB General Election 2009

4.    President ZSP DB
5.    Relevant File



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