ZSP Delhi Freshers’ Annual Meet 2009 report

Mr & Miss ZSP Freshers 2009

Mr & Miss ZSP Freshers 2009

The 17th

The 17th annual freshers’ cum social meet of the Zou Student Association was successfully conducted on the 21th September 2009 at Sri Shankarlar Concert Hall, Delhi University North Campus. This auspicious occasion of the Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi Branch was marked by various events ranging from cultural dance to modern rock and speech from chief guest to freshers’ parade. The objectives of ZSP DB; to uplift the traditional attires in its original form were well response by all the members which added ambient to the programmed.

The programmed commence with the ZSP anthem being sung by the Cultural troupe let by Pu T. Zamlunmang Zou and Pu Hauliankap, both the religious organisation chairman.

The occasion was grace by Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha Dr. Thokchom Meinya as the Chief Guest . He was crowned with the Zou Traditional tuhpa and was presented the Zou traditional shawl. His encouraging words for the Zous and in particular the student association was gratifying and a moral boost. In his short speech he conveys the need for a common platform where the different community of Manipur could peacefully promote their identity, his further stress on the possibility of conducting a seminar among all the tribes and Meitei’s in Manipur to the end that some day; we could call Meitei’s for Manipur Meitei, Manipur Zou, Manipur Paite etc. and the others with nomenclature just like the people from Malaysian are called Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Korean and etc. However he lamented over the impracticable and 0% chance of its implication of the above proposal seeing the situation back home. His emphasized on peace was prominent and pivotal for the integrity of the communities in Manipur, he ended, with a note of hopefulness.

The main event of the programme was Fresher’s welcome, however their interaction with everyone was eminent in establishing a healthy relation, with this in view a special parade soon Rev. G. K. Samte consecrate the fresher’s.

One Mr. and one Miss were selected who were given a title of Mr. Fresher’s and Miss Fresher’s. Mr. & Miss Freshers 2009 goes to Mr. Joseph Suanlianlal s/o Pu Peter Kammang of Bijang, Churachandpur who is doing is master degree in Delhi University and Miss Ruth Nemneikim d/o Pu S.Lienminthang of Zomi Colony, Churachandpur who is doing her bechelor degree under Delhi university. The lone architecture the ZSP has produced so far, Mr. T. Khuplianlam sponsored the prizes for Mr. and Miss Fresher’s worth Rs. 6000 each.

‘Zopatong choreography’ and the ‘ZSP cultural troupe’ with their modern version of cultural dance and the latter traditional impart the uniqueness of the Zou culture. With their traditional dress one could ponder how our forefathers and ancestor got inspired to dance and led a peaceful social life.

The success of the programme could be attributed to our CRPF Officer, Pi Chiinkhannem (ZSP Mother 2008) who sponsored the lunch. The full cooperation of Mr. Jimmy Thangminlun for his branded light guitars, drum set with his company, and their song “We are the world; we are the children” have drawn the crowd to savour and Mr. Goubiak of Y-WAM. One of the most prominent North Indian rock band STRIPES thrilled the audience with their numbers, Y-WAM band and Zotal Band are two other band that have inflict the true spirit of rock music and all the other individual artists as the story goes.

One most important objectives of the organization was to encourage its members in the field of studies i.e. Education/academics and in areas of selfless service to the society. For such outstanding achievement, awards and citation were distributed to all successful students and to all who tirelessly serve for a good cause for the society.

In the second half of the session a landmark in the history of ZSP DB was witness under the administration of Pu.John Jamkhomang Munluo, election commissioner, an oath taking ceremony of the office and secrecy of the new ZSP Delhi Cabinet for 2009-2011 which includes:

1. President – Khaibiaklian
2. Vice-President – Samuel Samte
3. Secretary – Zuanneithang
4. Joint Secretary – Kamminthang
5. Finance Secretary – Naomi Haumuanching
6. Information Secretary – Linda Nianglamching
7. Education Secretary – Kamlianlal
8. Edn. Joint Secy. – John Samte

With the active involvement of Advocate K. Zou and his wife Dr. Mary Grace Siasian Zou such grandeur was possible. They both play a part in hall booking and all the needful arrangement for lunch preparation.

The credit to the success of the programmed and its performer goes to all the audience, friends from other community and lastly to the organizing committee. Without their presence and hard work such a success wouldn’t have been celebrated and there might not be a report to be written. Lastly, credit to all the comperes for the two sessions, with their constant drive this report could see daylight.

May God bless ZSP DB

Organizing Committee




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    Seph gingtat lou p,Mr. nahi moh vele… kipah huai e… clas mate ma2


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