ZouWorkshop sponsored ZSP essay competition notice

ZSP LOGOLamka, October 18, 2009: ZOU SANGNAUPANG PAWLPI, General Headquarters, Zomi Colony apat thu kija dan in ZSP Gen. Hqtrs in Zou Workshop Forum toh kithuo in Class IX-XII MIL (Zou) Sangnaupangte biih a ding “Essay Competition” a sai ding hi. Tam Compitition toh kisai thei dinga poimohte. Tam toh kisai a sum-le-pai tuahte ahileh amin uleh alim utoh kidemna zaw ahilam chieng in talat in um ding hi.

1) Essay Topic: Zou Nampi- Hun peisa (past), tuhun (Present) leh mailam hun (future)


i) Simleivai (Politics)- Hun peisa, tuhun leh mailam hun.
ii) Khotang (Society)- Hun peisa, tuhun leh mailam hun.
iii) Sum-le-pai (Economy) – Hun peisa, tuhun leh mailam hun.
iv) Biehna (Religion)- Hun peisa, tuhun leh mailam hun.

2) Thumal Zat ding: Fixed umlou
3) Thumal zatdan : Zou Literature Society Pattern
4) Exam Centre : Chinkham Modern High School, Zomi Colony
5) Exam ni ding : 31st OCt. 2009, 10.00am (sharp) – 1.00pm
6) Prize(s) : 1st – Rs. 5000/, 2nd – Rs. 4000/ leh 3rd Rs. 3000/

Consolation Rs. 200/ (mi nga pieh ahi ding)

7) Exam form FREE in CMS, Zomi colony ah office hours sungin a lah thei ding a, last date of submission ahi leh 24th Oct. 2009 ahi ding.
8) Exam a tel ding mundang (Lamka pulam) apat a hing kuonte lamsap (Bahara) pieh ahi ding.
9) Thuchien kimzaw thei utte’n contact no. 9856573042/9862754510 kithujah pi thei ahi.

Sd/- Khaiminlian
General Secretary.


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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