My Town, MY Hometown….

~ Hausienmuan @ Mormon

The Scene in my hometown. I was sipping tea, with my friend Lun inside a Hotel on my first morning after two years in Delhi. That pretty girl with black-hair was invitingly attracting me. With her halter-top/neck, shorts and hand-set. Lun new my attention and chat her to my table. After our tea party, we went out with the girls for a new Mini-skirts Korean fashion (All knew well, when shopping with girls one have to explore the whole town for a single shirt, right?). There i just found out “Kol Chalak Pil”. These Kolte’s have the ability to manipulate the market power to serve their selfish interests. On the one hand they assumed the form of a monopolist and on the other they create artificial scarcity of the supply of goods. This way their power to exploit the peoples enhances. They succeed in charging higher prices for their goods and services. Unfortunately, no civil society or student organization in Churachandpur worth the name has ever exerted pressure on the monopolist to end this concentration of economic power. And end one root cause of poverty.

The above writing calls for serious reflection ont he notion of our hometown economy. It is taken for granted that the town rich and educated people were developed, there were economic development in every sphere. It may be observed that some of our people are advanced and they are in the administration of the state and central. Sons and daughters of these richmen, high-paid officers are driving motor-cycle of the latest brand and a good number of “Pulsar”; proudly driving while some Subingtal were pressing their breast on their back.

On the other hand, tens of hundreds of Zodawn people are living in deplorable conditions. With Zodawn economy in aggravation, agriculture is still the main occupation of Zodawn peoples. These people are more ebgaged in physical labour and depend more on seasonal employment. Comapred to the town peoples, they work all day long. When agricultural season is over, these people look out for alternative occupations. What they produce is very low and not on a variable economic levels. There is no suitable occupation opportunities to replace physical labour. Even if opportunities are given, their human resources are not capable of exploiting these opportunities. So, they need the rich, educated and high paid officers and professional attention, care and guidance.

Everyday i was wondering why our officers, professional, doctors (Ph.d etc.) and urban elites seems surprisingly unmoved by the plights of these people. It is a nightmare in believing that the Church and civil organisation will make it developed. But one thing for sure is that our poor Zodawn Economy is worsening. Instead of boiling in our small petty politics in Delhi, the educated, elites etc search and find some ways from Delhi to helps poor Zodawn people. They need the maps, money and guideline. We have unemployment despite opportunities. That’s because our human resources are not capable of exploiting the opportunities. So, we should speak out here to the government on behalf of Zodawn people. We can send a message to the government that theyu should focus on livelihood training and make Zodawn youth a world-class workforce and focus on natural resource based development.

What our homeland economy is going through is not unique. Perhaps the scale in Zodawn is worse than my story because of my small penetration in the villages. Almost all Zodawn village are going through a similar transition i.e economic worsening. How material transformation is impacting attitudes is not clear. My father, a church elders and social visionary, tells me that the number of educated people leaving Zodawn to its own fate is on the rise. Halters-top and shorts coexist with monopolist capitalist, Pulsar with physical labour and increasing urban elites with exploitation of the poor. Oh, is this the Zou economy of the 21st Millennium encapsulated?

Note: This article was write up in an attempt to show to the intelligentsia and civil societies to be aware of the grievance faced by the people of Zodawn. It is taken for granted that Zou development was possible only when every individual were developed economically.

~ ZOKUOMTHAWN | Vol. No. VIII, Issue No. XVI | January 2010


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