ZSP GHQ in Annual Magazine toh kisai appeal bawl

Lamka, August 7, 2010: Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi General Hqtrs. Magazine Board in Annual Magazine toh kisai appeal abawl uh lai kimu dan in Magazine Sponsor bawl ding mi tawmngai sui uh. Appeal letter in a genna ah Pu M. Sesei Zou, Chairman ADC Chandel in a cover bangza bei ding hinanleh ka sponsore ding chi’n kikham hieu chi uhi. ZSP Magazine Board in Pu M. Sesei Zou tung ah KALAISAI sam jen in kipah thu phuong uhi.

Magazine ahileh apeh-apeh or a dal adal a zong sponsor thei di’n bawl ua, peh/dal khat sponsor man Rs. 250/- apat a tunglam ki ngap dandan hi ding chi uhi. Mipite a chouna uleh a chielna uah ZSP Magazine leh ZSP khangsimna na min tuong diing, nang jal a ZSP Hqtrs. in magazine hoitah publish ding ahi dan gen uhi. Tam magazine toh kisai a koipou tawmngai suo a pang chiet dingin chielna bawl uhi.

Tam atung a i gen lunglutna neite’n lamkaite houpi theina dingte – Mobile no. 9862832958 / 9856016314 / 8014066472.


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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