Whom to tell our tales?

~Hausienmuan Munluo

Prime minister Manmohan singh recently talked about his vision for rural India: “My vision of rural India is of a modern agrarian, Industrial and services economy co-existing side by side, where people can live in well-equipped villages and commute easily to work, be it on the farm or in the non-farm economy.” Well, my vision of rural Zodawn is of modern agrarian, with rural healthy education and healthy rural healthcare co-existing side by side, where people live in well-equipped villages with no fear of freedom (of speech, of idea and of growth).

There is much that modern science and technology can do to realize this vision. Rural income have to be increased rural infrastructure has to be improved. Rural health and education needs have to be met. Employnment opportunities have to be created in rural areas. But with Manipur economy detarded and political chaos in our state, all my vision seems to be a dream unreachable. In these political and economic situation, where the state; corrupted and govern and the insurgent; deduct and rule, where should we go and tell our tales. “Well whom to tell our tales”.

The answer to our question “ Whom to tell our tales-can be the same cynical response, that this is what the Zou is. Blame the politicians, uncaring officers or the educated, illiterate Zodawn people and that seems to answer the question. The Question can also be answered by a usual ‘who cares’, especially for us urban educated and urban dwellers, urban center government officers who don’t really see the worsening Zodawn economy, the corrupted education system in Zodawn and the uncertain politics of our tribe. “ Should we wait the illiterate Zodawn people to come out at the open, risking their life and shout at the top’s of their voices and tell our sorrowful tales to the state, what we can do at the stroke of a pen”? Or should we just sit and heared the tales of our worsening land tell by some unknown person to us. I keep this question to be answer by our readers.

However, we have to care, we have to tell our tales. Because the state heared us but neither heeds us, is simply not being discussed enough. Fact is, despite liberalization the benefit are not reaching the rural peoples. Infact Zodawn get the worst of badly implemented capitalism-with no saving and no purchasing power, Zodawn get worsening with inflation (Price rise). Our rural poor never see the benefit of Indian Liberalisation

Add to this, our poor education system, the system well known by all but still whom to tell the tales, many of Zodawn schools are plagued by high dropout rates. Children attend for the first 3 to 4 years of school and gain a smattering of knowledge, only to lapse into illiteracy later. Few who enter continue upto the 10th grade, of those who do, few manage to finish high school. Therefore, very few are eligible to attend institutions of higher education. Where the high rate of attrition continues. Efforts to improve Zodawn educational status have a fail results. To whom should we tell this our pathetic education system tales.”


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

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