ZSP Delhi XVIIIth Freshers’ Social Meet 2010 Program

New Delhi, Oct. 19: The Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch (Zou Students’ Association) is celebrating its XVIIIth Annual Freshers’ Social Meet 2010 on October 28, 2010 at Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, DU north Campus starting from 10.30AM sharp. The General President of United Zou Organisation GHQ Pu Ginsuanhau has consented to grace the function as the Chief Guest, Pu T. Doulianmang, An Enterpreneur as the Guest of Honour and Dr. David Vumlallian Zou as the Functional President. UZO GHQ Cabinet members are invited as a Special guest.

The Zou super singer, popularly known as Mauna Ngen ~ Pu Thangzalal @ TTLAL will be flowned in from Lamka as a special invitee. Beside TT Lal, another solo singers like Nh. Chochong, Nh. Betsy & George K Mate, Nh. Maannu, Nh. Mangnu, Tv. Joseph Doulunlal, Tv. Thangminlun @ Thazzz Tv Malsom will entertain the gethering. The most talked of the moment, a musical band like The Zotal Band and The Revival Thunders will rock the audiance on that day.

ZSP DB, established in the year 1992 have been blessed with members form every nook and corner of India. It has come down to the eighteenth anniversary from a humble beginning way back then. With the spontaneous support from families and all members in Delhi NCR, today ZSP saw this daylight.

SESSION I | 10:30 am

  1. Coordinator: Zamlianmang & Kapsutlian
  2. Comperes: Tv. Goubiaklian & Nh.Buabuang
  3. ZSP Anthem: Thou un Thou un
  4. Invocation prayer: Rev. G.K Samte
  5. Presidential address: President ZSP, DB
  6. Choreography
  7. Speech: Functional President
  8. Presenting Guest Artist TT Lal
  9. Speech: Guest of Honour
  10. Freshers’ Introduction: Tv.Siampu & Nh.Bibiana Chingnu.
  11. Freshers’ thumsah na: Pastor S.K Mung.
  12. Cultural Dance: Cultural Troupe
  13. Speech: Chief Guest
  14. Drama: Naupang te.
  15. Ankuangthumna: Pastor Liankholal.
  16. Lunch Lunch Lunch


  1. Coordinator: Zamlianmang & Kapsutlian
  2. Comperes: P. Thongkholian and Mary Zozam
  3. Guest artist: T.T.Lal
  4. General Secretary Report
  5. Zotal band
  6. Award Distribution: ZYO DB & ZSP Study Forum
  7. Betsy & Co
  8. Mr. & Miss Fresher’s Declaration
  9. Rt.Band
  10. Monologue
  11. Word of thanks: Tv. Samuel Samte
  12. Guest artist : T. T. Lal
  13. Closing Prayer: Pastor T. Kamsuanlal.


  1. Programme apoimoh dan bang tah in Co-ordinator ten ang heng lamdang thei ding uhi.
  2. Koipou Freshers’ Meet ni chieng in itahsa tung ah nampuan khat chiat bang sah ding in iki theisah uhi.


Nuamvung, Tina, Dawny Hatnu, Lamnu, Kappu, Hohoi, Thangsuansang, Thonglianmang, Langkhanhau, Precilla Hoipi.
*Desk: Nh. Naomi, Hohoi & Lamnu


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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