Invitation to Zou Gal Day Observation at Delhi and Lamka khopi

The Zou Tribe Anti-colonial Resistance known as Zou Gal (1917-19) in local parlance memorial day was observed every year by the Zou tribe in India. This year Zou Gal Day observation will be held in Manipur at Zou Gal Hall, Zoveng, Lamka, Churachandpur and Delhi at MP’s Club Hall, South Avenue, New Delhi respectively on March 17, 2011. The observation at Lamka will start at 11AM till 11PM at night and Delhites’ will be from 1PM to 6PM. The organising secretaries extend a warm greetings to all Zou tribes and invite them to attend the program without fail.


Venue : Zou Gal Hall, Zoveng, Lamka
Date : 17th March, 2011 [Thursday]
11:00AM – 11:00PM

  • Chief Guest: Pu LB Sona, Chairman, Zomi Council
  • Guest of Honour: President MPC, President Hmar Inpui, President Meitei Society CCPur
  • Functional President: Pu Tongzathang, Prez Kuki Inpi, CCpur
  • Host: Pu Ginsuanhau, Prez UZO

1. Hunpat Thumna: Rt. Rev. Dr. T. Ginkhanmung Zou, Bishop MELC
2. Welcome Address: Pu T. Manglianthang, Vice President UZO
3. Cultural Extravaganza: ZYO Sugnu Block
4. Zou Gal Tangthu: Pu Chinlunthang, Gen. Secy. UZO GHQ
5. Zogal HanLa Sahna: Pu Vumchinkhup, Chairman HEC/UZO GHQ
6. Thugenna: Guest of Honour, Functional President, Host, Chief Guest
7. Nuomthu genna: Pu S. Lianzakap, Adviser, UZO
8. Closing Prayer: Rev. Tualzachin, Exe. Secy. ZPCS


  • Chief Guest: Pu Langkhanpau Guite, Chairman ADC CCpur
  • Guests of Honour: Pu Demmang Haokip Vice Chairman ADC CCPur, Pu G. Suanchinpauo, Member ADC CCpur, Pu Tongkai Baite, Member ADC CCpur
  • Functional President: Pu P. Siandong, Chairman Finance Committee, ADC CCPur
  • Host: Pi Grace Zamnu, Member ADC CCpur
  • Official Invities: Pi Jacintha Lazarus, DC CCpur, Pu Brig. Surender Neta, Commander 27 Sect ARs, Pu GB Sharma IPS, SP CCpur
  • Special Invitee: Presidents & Gen. Secretaries of ZYA, KKL, HYA and YMA.

1. Hunpatna: Upa Nengkhenthang
2. Vaidawn thugenna: Pu Suankhanmang, Adviser UZO
3. Cultural items:
4. Speech: Invited officials – Guests of Honour, Functional President, Host, Chief Guest
5. Choreography: Hip Hop band
6. Thanks: P. Chinzakhup Adviser
7. Close: Upa Kamlianthang, Member HEC

Invited Artists: Pu Haumang, Pi Lhingbawi, Pu Lawrence, Nh. Hatboi, Pu KS Thang, Pu TT Lal, Pu Khaiminlun,
Guest Artiest: Pu Jangkholam Haokip, Miss Jony



Venue : MP’s Club, South Avenue, New Delhi
Date : 17th March, 2011 [Thursday]
14:00 Hrs -to-18:00 Hrs

  • Host : General Secretary, ZSPDB
  • Zougal Highlight : Co-Ordinator ZSP Study Forum
  • Moments of Silence & Prayer : Pu Khamchinpau Zou
  • Welcome Speech : Vice President ZSPDB
  • Special No. : kathang e e e..ka Zougal sat by Artiste
  • ZOU GAAL thu sutna : Pu Dr.. David Vumlallian Zou, Asst. Professor. Dept. of History, Delhi University,
  • Special No. : Thanghou-liandou by Artiste
  • Short Speech : UZO Delhi
  • Special No : Artiste
  • Words of thanks : Pu Zamlianmang
  • Closing Prayer : Pastor T. Liankholal


Legacy of Anti-colonial Resistance: Zou Gal (1917-19)

The Zo tribe joined the so-called ‘Kuki Rising’ in Manipur against the British from 1917 to 1919. Hiangtam and Gotengkot Forts were two main centres of resistance among the Zomis. Pu Do Ngul Taithul was the chief of Gotengkot, which was a fairly big and fortified Zo village. Captain Steadman was the man responsible for suppressing Gotengkot with considerable casualties on both sides. The Zo tribe was a non-Thado tribe to have participated in this abortive, yet bold attempt to oust the white imperialist from Manipur, even as a local folk song composed on the occasion of the revolt runs in the Zou dialect as follows:

Tuizum Mangkang kiil bang hing khang/ Zota kual zil bang liing e/ Pianna ka gamlei hi e! phal si’ng e!/ Ka naamtem hiam a, i Zogamlei laal kanaw/ Sansii’n zeel e!/ Ngalliam vontawi ka laulou lai e.
Free translation:

The seafaring White Imperialist coils like the ‘kill’ plant,Tremors of earthquake do quiver the Zo world,’Tis the land of my birth: I shall not part with it!Stain’d with blood is my SwordThat has routed the adversaries of Zoland,I shall yet fight with the wild Boar, injured [4].

This folk song of the Zou dialect, reflecting the collective mind of the natives, indicated that the anti-imperial fervour was very high in 1918; and interestingly the Britishers were compared by the native mind with the wild Boar, or with a native wild creeper-plant called ‘kill’. Independent India justifiably took pride in its legacy of colonial resistance. In Manipur, the Palace uprising and Rani Gaidinlieu’s movement are relatively well-known. However, the “Kuki Rising” and the participation of the Zou tribe was less well-known. There stands a dilapidated, tin-roofed hall called “Zogal Memorial Hall” at Zoveng, Churachandpur (Manipur) built in honour of the Zomis who fought against British colonizers. The anti-colonial legacy of the Zou is a tribute to the multi-etnnic people of Manipur itself. However, the dilapidated condition of Zogal Memorial Hall reflects the lack of official patronage for its shared history and collective memory.


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