Zogam Thusuo | March 27, 2011

ZSP President leh UZO Education Cell Chairman in St. Mary’s School vena nei

Vaigei tah a thutut kimu dan in nibeisa 10th March, 2011 ni in ZSP President, Nengchinlam leh UZO Education Cell Chairman Chinlunthang te’n UZO in St. Mary’s School, Behieng a Teacher kichawmte halaw (pay) ding piehna va nei uhi. Amau apat thutut kimu dan in Teacher te toh maban school pei ding dan te houlim uhi. Tualeh School naupang zong kibe tou zel in kum 2010 a sangnaupang 120 vel ding pha, a tukum in 187 tah pha hi’n gen uhi. Thudang khat ah kumdang in St. Mary’s School pen pawl VI tan chouh um a, UZO Education Cell leh ZSP GHQ. vaisaina in ningkum 2010 in pawl VII tan umsah ua, tualeh tukum 2011 in pawl VIII tan in upgrade uhi. Tuamai hilou in muonhuoi tah apat thukizah dan in kumkia chieng in pawl IX tan in upgrade tou kia sawm uhi. Tukum in UZO leh ZSP panlahna in Behiang, St. Mary’s School a sem ding in teacher 3 chawm be ua, amaute hachin a law asang thei zingna ding un, mikiphal (doner) ding sui uhi. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


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